KNPB Congress: “West Papua must unite for Referendum”


Pers Release

We inform to all the international media, the international community
and to all the observers of the West Papua problem that KNPB (the West
Papua National Committee) has held the I Congress in the Kampung
Harapan, Jayapura on 19 untill  November 22 2010. This congress was
attended by delegation from territories and the consulate from various
elements that were combined in KNPB.

The first Kongres of  KNPB produced the resolution that became the
attitude and the commitment of all the participant, that: the Focus of
the KNPB Program was to finish up the status of West Papua through the
process of politics and the law. To push the process of the resolution
legally and politics, KNPB nationally reduced the political program and
the organisation. Firstly, the Political program of  KNPB is  to achieve
the goal of the West Papua, that is Independent in a manner Politics
went through the most democratic rout that is the Referendum. Secondly,
the Organisation program that is KNPB as the media pushed the formation
of the Nasional of West Papua Council as the body representative, at the
same time as the symbol of the association in driving the struggle
through to the formation of the temporary Government post the

Better scrutinised and understood the discussions whole in the congress
that was held, the forum for the congress of the I Komite Nasional Papua
Barat [KNPB] produced resolutions that were unity of the attitude and
the resolve from all over delegation of the Papua people from the
committee's territories and delegations of the organisation of the
struggle, that is:
1.	Immediately to finish up the West Papua politics status through the
referendum route as the most democratic solution and
2.	Immediately carried out the internal strengthening of the struggle
for the nation of West Papua through the association and the repairing
in the defence of the military, civil and the International diplomat in
the political and organisation program of KNPB.
3.	We urge the defence of the military to immediately unite and carry
out the repairing in order to pushes the agenda towards the referendum.
4.	We urge to all the elements of the struggle to immediately pushed the
formation of the Nasional Council as the symbol of the national
association towards the solution to the referendum in the problem
resolution of West Papua.
5.	Immediately stopped the debate and mutual conflicts between the
foreign diplomat and immediately to unite in works of the campaign and
diplomacy in order to pushes the process of the resolution through the
law and politic route.

This congress also succeeded in choosing the central management for,
where Buchtar Tabuni was chosen again with the unanimous vote to
continue to become General Chairman of  KNPB, whereas Mako Tabuni became
Vice Chairman of KNPB. General Secretary was filled up by Agus Trapen
and Danny Wenda. Whereas the national Spokesperson was Jefri Tabuni and
Victor F. Yeimo was chosen to be the Internasional Spokesperson.

This this resolution was passed towards organised internal the struggle
headed the nation goal of West Papua namely nation independence of West
“We Must End”


Victor F. Yeimo
International spokesperson

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