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Situation tense in Jayapura as police and military launch operations

Report from KNPB, Jayapura

I inform you directly from Jayapura West Papua that the people of West Papua is now on emergency under Indonesia military forces. Until this night TNI (the national army of Indonesia) and Police are still blockading every places in Abepura. I got accurate information from my people near Tanah Hitam that Indonesian military shot dead a farmer at Abe Gunung when this man was in garden. One man namely Miron Wetipo shot on 6.18 PM this afternoon and his body was in Bhayangkara Hospital.

Last night on 03.00 AM Indonesia military forces destroyed all of the West Papua people’s houses near Abe gunung and arrested 2 man. One of them was a shepherd. From the morning till this night police and TNI arrested people without any reasons. According to the witness, they are looking for Dany Kogoya. He is an activist and also advocate for the OPM and TPN.

According to Danny’s neighborhood, TNI and Police intentionally put the gun and bullet near the Danny’s house to publish out that it was Danny’s gun and bullet so that they could carry out everything they want.

Here is the name that were arrested:
1. Ev. Yesmin Yikwa
2. Yupiter Tabuni
3. Tenius Yikwa
4. Manu Kogoya
5. Lambert Siep
6. Nalius Karoba
7. Yumbuk Yikwa
8. Yotan Kogoya

According to the chef of Police in Jayapura, the reason was to arrest the perpetrators of the shooting that happening some days ago. But I inform you that the Indonesian army and the police are carrying out shooting and arresting without any interrogation against them. They have intimidated, terror and tortured the civil of West Papua brutality. In fact, they are not the perpetrators. Police and TNI also were blockaded near the barracks of Uncen (Cenderawasih University).

Tonight, many shooting sounds are still continue.
Victor F. Yeimo
The international Spokesperson for KNPB

British Lord Mayor backs West Papua’s freedom bid

Oxford Town Hall in the UK has been flying the West Papua flag from its roof for the past 3 days in a show of support for West Papua’s independence struggle.
The gesture came about after a meeting between exiled tribal leader Benny Wenda and the Lord Mayor of Oxford four years ago. Since then, Oxford Town Hall has flown the flag every year on West Papua’s independence day.

West Papua Media Alerts previously reported on how the Indonesian Embassy in London had last year put pressure on the UK Foreign Office to outlaw the raising of the West Papua flag at Oxford Town Hall, but this request was refused.

This Wednesday, activists from the UK based Free West Papua Campaign held a demonstration in London outside the Indonesian Embassy in London. Tribal leader Benny Wenda then visited Downing Street with Lord Harries to hand in a letter and ‘genocide dossier’ to the Prime Minister.

Earlier this year, British Prime Minister David Cameron described the plight of the Papuan people as a ‘terrible situation’ – the highest profile political leader to acknowledge the situation. Since then there have been growing calls within the UK for action to help West Papua. David Cameron had previously met Benny Wenda whilst leader of the UK opposition and showed sympathy for the West Papua issue.