WestPapuaMedia is about to clear a backlog of articles – please be patient.

Editorial Note

June 26, 2016

West Papua Media (WPM) has not been regularly publishing on site recently due to a number of issues beyond our control, and also much behind the scenes work that we are doing to support the long-term support for journalism safety in Papua.  This is a necessary step to develop some truly innovative solutions, so we ask for your patience and support.

The delays are have been also exacerbated by:

  • the amount of translators available currently being far less than the volume to be translated,
  • a significant workload in developing new and exciting security, reportage, and monitoring infrastructure and tools,
  • and a very large amount of new material to sift through, translate, transcribe, verify, qualify, compile, edit, layout and geolocate.

WPM has almost completed a large backlog of articles, partner content, photo reports, videos and wrap ups that should be published in full by the end of the week.  We will be publishing partner content as it comes in, but some of our longer authored work will be delayed a little longer.

In the meantime, please make sure you follow our Twitter feed for both normal updates, and of course our #LiveUpdatesPapua real-time crisis monitoring feed.  We have embedded the Live Updates feed also in the sidebar at the right, and will embed our normal twitter feed as a sticky on the front page of WestPapuaMedia.info

You can help speed this process in a number of ways:

  • by joining our team!:
    • We are keenly seeking more volunteers who can help in the following
      • editorial staff,
      • journalists (inside and outside of Papua),
      • translators,
      • video producers,
      • Contributors
      • audio reporters,
      • digital asset managers/ archivists,
      • website managers.
      • Financial specialists/ accountant
      • crowdfunding gurus
      • XML and app coders
    • These are all volunteer positions currently, but if you show some commitment, funding will be available to assist expenses.  Significant positive career exposure will happen for all those who work with us, as we have a large network of media allies.  If you would like to help, Please send a private message to Editor (@) westpapuamedia.info or call us at +61498239869
  • by keeping an ear out for our upcoming support and crowdfunding appeal for new projects and direct support to West Papuan journalists safety and security on the ground;
  • Of course we are most critically seeking your assistance and donations to continue this work.  You can donate to us at westpapuamedia.info/donate

Please stay tuned as we have some more significant and exciting announcements over the coming weeks.


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