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Westpapuamedia mulai ulang terbatas dengan pemantauan langsung untuk 1 Desember/Westpapuamedia limited restart with live monitoring for December 1

Saat WestPapuaMedia bersiap untuk kembalinya pada tahun 2021, kami memiliki Pengumuman penting untuk teman-teman yang sebelumnya telah mempercayai kami sebagai saluran untuk pelaporan perlindungan.

Sumber di Papua Barat – jika Anda belum dihubungi, WestPapuaMedia memulai kembali operasi dalam kapasitas terbatas mulai Kamis 26 November mendatang, menjelang mobilisasi kebebasan 1 Desember. Kami akan memberikan koordinasi bagi jurnalis internasional untuk mengakses footage dengan distribusi etis.

Kami mencari laporan langsung dan kredibel dari jurnalis saksi garis depan, dan aktivis, untuk memberikan pemantauan langsung dan kapasitas pelaporan selama periode yang terkenal sulit ini bagi orang-orang Papua Barat dalam mengekspresikan aspirasi mereka.

Untuk sumber yang beroperasi dengan nyaman di publik (dan harap menilai keamanan Anda sebelum mempertimbangkan hal ini – preferensi kami agar Anda tidak terdeteksi), sebutkan @westpapuamedia di FB atau twitter. Untuk semua orang di bawah radar, Silakan hubungi menggunakan di +61498239869 atau melalui alamat sekali pakai dan gratis Anda ke  (tanpa spasi).

Kami merekomendasikan untuk mengunjungi untuk mendapatkan tips tentang cara menjaga perangkat Anda tetap aman.

Penting bagi Anda untuk menghubungi kami kembali untuk memastikan bahwa kami memiliki detail Anda saat ini, jika kami perlu segera menghubungi Anda.

Perlu diketahui, kami akan memiliki metode pengecekan silang, jadi troll dan agen disinformasi Indonesia, jangan repot-repot.

Nantikan berita tentang kembalinya Media Papua Barat secara resmi untuk tahun 2021, dengan platform baru yang menarik, aman, tahan sensor, dan inklusif di kuartal kedua tahun ini.

Kampanye crowdfunding akan disiarkan langsung sebelum Natal untuk mendukung dan memasok kru kami dan kapasitas teknis untuk meminta pertanggungjawaban semua pelaku di Papua Barat, sehingga Suara Rakyat Papua Barat dapat mengaum.

As WestPapuaMedia is preparing for its return in 2021 we have an important Announcement for friends who have previously trusted us as a conduit for protective reporting.

Sources on the ground in West Papua – if you have not been contacted yet, WestPapuaMedia is restarting operations in a limited capacity from next Thursday 26th November, ahead of the December 1 freedom mobilisations.  We will be providing coordination for international journalists to access footage with ethical distribution.

We are seeking live and credible reports from frontline witness journalists, and activists, to provide a protective live monitoring and reporting capacity during this notoriously difficult period for West Papuan people expressing their aspirations

For sources operating comfortably in the public (and please assess your security before your consider this – it is our preference you stay under the radar), please mention @westpapuamedia on FB or twitter.  For everyone else under the radar, Please contact using on +61498239869 or via your disposable and free address to   (no spaces).

We recommend visiting for tips on how to keep your devices safe.

It is important you contact us again to ensure that we have your current details, in case we need to contact you urgently.

Please be aware, we will have methods of cross checking, so trolls and Indonesian disinformation agents, just don’t bother. 

Please stay tuned for the news about the formal return of West Papua Media for 2021, on an exciting, secure, censorship resistant and inclusive new platform in the 2nd quarter of the year.

A crowdfunding campaign will be live before Christmas to support and supply our crew and the technical capacity for holding to account all of the abusers in West Papua, so that the Voice of West Papuan People can roar.

WestPapuaMedia has suspended publishing, but we can be back in 2019 with your help

WEB OR FB PAGE IMAGE SUPPORTING WITH A GLOBAL VOICEFor the first time in ten years, WestPapuaMedia has taken a long break from regular publication as we focus on improving our infrastructure, and work on several innovative new projects that will support credible, quality journalism on the ground in West Papua.

Without a sustainable funding base and savings in the bank, we were unable to ethically provide the correct amount of support currently needed for our brave clandestine stringers and journalists to expose themselves in the field.  We are still working hard to create the mechanisms so that they are armed always with real time digital security and support when they do venture into the field, and are able to report safely.  These mechanisms of course, we are working to develop so that anyone who needs to tell a story of their world – in Papua to begin with – is able to do so, and have their voice heard, and treated with respect.

Currently the amount of fake media, recycledWEB OR FB PAGE IMAGE FRONTLINE CLANDESTINE
and out of context torture photos and misreporting is creating a situation where social media is now dismissed by the powerful around the world as rumour and propaganda. This work being researched will support the capacity of West Papuan people inside West Papua to get their own voices heard with the stories they want to tell.  Not the stories that outsiders want told for their own clickbait donation agendas, or misreported, or not told full stop.

It breaks our hearts that we cannot cover the issues West Papua needs reporting to the world at this point, but we have a commitment to not put our folks in danger.

We want to be able to support every rally, every campaign, and to be able to tell every story West Papuans want to tell the the world, especially of those sectors of the population that don’t get a voice currently.

Our return in 2019 can only happen with your generous and sustainable support.  WPM supporters and members will be creating a major crowdfunding campaign and donation before our return, and we will be going for an “all-or-nothing” model to ensure that we can cover the expensive costs of safely supporting clandestine journalists in the field – and having the resources to provide the protection and cover that they need to report safely, and to enable professional media creators to deliver high quality and factual multimedia reporting.

WEB OR FB PAGE IMAGE MEDIA BAN REDUNDANTWe will of course continue to assist foreign journalist to bypass the media ban in West Papua by assisting with SAFE organisation and fixing for undercover stories.  However our main focus is to continue our pioneering work of the last ten years ensure that Jakarta’s Foreign Media Ban is redundant, through the effective and strong real time multimedia reporting capacity of indigenous Papuan journalists is supported.

So our current work for the rest of the year will be focused on organising West Papua Media’s back archives, our digital media assets, and also restructuring our project to deliver a more robust, intuitive and involving website, with the ability for people on the ground to collaborate with us, safely, with their identities and locations safe.

We will be creating an innovative new digital asset library, with new technologies of verification and safe asset tracking (that will not put the creator’s security at risk)  that will ensure that any creative content, whether photos, videos, or any content and artwork provided to us, will be able to be tracked across the internet, and to enable licensing that will mean money will flow back to the creators so they can sustain their work (and get new equipment etc), or to enable training and supply to new witness journalists to operate effectively and safely.

We have a big checklist of tasks to get through, and wp-1467277981469.jpgwelcome anyone’s assistance to make this a reality.  Please contact us via our contact page if you would like to assist.  You can of course donate to us via a variety of methods, just visit .

We really need your generous financial support to enable this to be reborn in early 2019.  A major crowdfunding campaign will begin late October, and we will be on a contributor and collaborator hunt – especially those who would like to mentor and support individual Papuan journalists in their continued development.

Until then, our work includes:

  • final-eye-safe-logo-file-webrewriting and translating for our side project “eyeSAFEMoJO – the Safe Witnesss Journalism Project“, which can be found at ,  with tasks including:
    • a list of SAFEApps for enabling journalists and human rights workers on the ground in Papua to collect information safely using mobile tools, without threat of state surveillance and threats by using these unsafe apps and social media;
    • A new Safe Witness Journalism Guide, with graphical how-to’s and updated tactics specific to West Papua with lessons learnt from the last few years of changes in the media environment;
    • Developing a new series of training curricula for digital security and practical safety for frontline clandestine witness and professional journalists to be rolled out for 2019.
    • triage-card-eyesafemojo-logo-wpm-textTailoring our unique and unprecedented JournoTriage News prioritization system.  EyeSAFEMoJo’s JournoTriage Process for Civil Resistance and Human Rights Journalism is a simple concept that adopts traditional newsroom story prioritisation, combining it with the highly effective and universal First Responder’s Mass Casualty Assessment tool.  JournoTriage combines a material (Security, political, repressive, casualty, legality and impunity) conditions crisis assessment of standardised coding system that is understood immediately by journalists, human security, medics, counter-disaster and international agencies -instantly.
    • and of course our major project, final-five-arm-logo-webPROJECT FIVEARM Secure Human Security and Crisis Journalism Reporting Tool and Methodology, with which we are
      hoping to transform the ability  to collect credible, verified and scientifically tested evidence of human security information that can be utilised by journalists, editors, human rights organisations and International bodies to effect real time monitoring and intervention of abuses.


We are really going to need your help to bring these about of course, and will be outlining more in coming months, so keep your ears tuned for announcements on our twitter feed.  Remember to please donate generously at

In the meantime, some articles will continue to come across, and you can keep up with our partner content by following the feeds on the sidebar at

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Densus 88 & Indon Police shoot dead unarmed Nabire High school student

by WestPapuaMedia, and local sources

June 28, 2016


Australian-supported Indonesian Police special forces shot dead a teenage Papuan high school student in central Nabire city, West Papua, on Monday (27th June) afternoon, in an apparently premeditated ambush without provocation, according to credible reports and witnesses from the scene.  The student was unarmed.

Local independent media in Nabire, UmagiNews, are reporting that the extrajudicial killing occurred as the high school students were passing by the heavily armed police patrol near a roundabout in central Nabire.  WestPapuaMedia stringers have confirmed these reports.

Oen (Owen) Pekei, 18, a student from class 2, YPPGI (Senior High School) Karang Mulia Nabire West Papua, was shot dead at 5pm local time, Monday, after being chased by at least three vehicles full of heavily armed, militarised police, according to witnesses.

One witness, whose name has been withheld for protection, told UmagiNews that Pekei was seen riding on a motorbike carrying a noken bag with the outlawed Morning Star pro-independence symbol.  Police gave chase with three motorbikes, three unmarked police vehicles, and a truck full of fully armed and armoured Densus88 anti-terror police in balaclavas joined the chase.  Pekei was herded into an ambush area, where more Densus88 armed members of the police were awaiting him at three points, according to the witness.

Pekei was then shot in front of the new city complex at the Nabire regent’s office, allegedly from several directions simultaneously.  UmagiNews have published aseries of diagrams given by witnesses showing from where different armed units shot Pekei. One shot from Telkom head office, the second from within the memorial monuments, and the third from the D88 cars of Dalmas Porles Nabire.

Unconfirmed reports seen by WestPapuaMedia stringers allege that amongst the shooters both waiting and chasing Pekei, were a heavily armed patrol of black clad special forces police belonging to the Australian-trained and funded counter-terror unit Special Detachment (Densus) 88. Densus88 has been used extensively for several years to conduct extremely violent repression against Papuan civilians engaged in peaceful acts of free expression, and his currently deployed heavily across Papua, whilst still receiving funding and training from the Australian Federal Police.

The motive for shooting is not clear, however police have denied – in the military run colonial media outlet Nabire_Net  – that they shot Pekei, claiming instead that he died in hospital after hitting his head during the crash.  (WPM: The photos of Pekei – provided for publication by his family with permission – show the entry wound caused by a bullet, which is inconsistent with road impact at low-speed*).  However, human rights observers told UmagiNews that questions arose that if Pekei was considered a road accident victim that was unconscious, why he was dumped in the mortuary instead of receiving an attempt in the emergency room of hospital.

Other circumstances surrounding the shooting have not been confirmed at time of writing, and Indonesian Police in Nabire have refused to answer phone and SMS messages from WestPapuaMedia and also local stringers.

A human rights monitor in Nabire who exposed the news observed that the “Motive Appears unknown (as) conducted by the police, but people of Papua demand the Indonesian state carries out a just “crack down” on any human rights violations that occurred.” 

This shooting is not the first time an event like this has occurred. On 5 December 2014 the Bloody Paniai incident occurred that left four unarmed Papuan teenagers dead and 17 more Papuans injured when the Indonesian army and police opened fire on peaceful protesters in Paniai.

Some Papuans who have gathered outside the Regents office after the killing told UmagiNews that they “questioned the Indonesian government’s seriousness in resolving human rights violations by the Indonesian military.”

“Bloody Nabire has returned, the security apparatus of the Republic of Indonesia is shooting the indigenous people of West Papua, using the tools of State (guns)”


*Editor WPM has extensive Street Medic and HEFAT Combat First Responder/Aid experience


WestPapuaMedia is about to clear a backlog of articles – please be patient.

Editorial Note

June 26, 2016

West Papua Media (WPM) has not been regularly publishing on site recently due to a number of issues beyond our control, and also much behind the scenes work that we are doing to support the long-term support for journalism safety in Papua.  This is a necessary step to develop some truly innovative solutions, so we ask for your patience and support.

The delays are have been also exacerbated by:

  • the amount of translators available currently being far less than the volume to be translated,
  • a significant workload in developing new and exciting security, reportage, and monitoring infrastructure and tools,
  • and a very large amount of new material to sift through, translate, transcribe, verify, qualify, compile, edit, layout and geolocate.

WPM has almost completed a large backlog of articles, partner content, photo reports, videos and wrap ups that should be published in full by the end of the week.  We will be publishing partner content as it comes in, but some of our longer authored work will be delayed a little longer.

In the meantime, please make sure you follow our Twitter feed for both normal updates, and of course our #LiveUpdatesPapua real-time crisis monitoring feed.  We have embedded the Live Updates feed also in the sidebar at the right, and will embed our normal twitter feed as a sticky on the front page of

You can help speed this process in a number of ways:

  • by joining our team!:
    • We are keenly seeking more volunteers who can help in the following
      • editorial staff,
      • journalists (inside and outside of Papua),
      • translators,
      • video producers,
      • Contributors
      • audio reporters,
      • digital asset managers/ archivists,
      • website managers.
      • Financial specialists/ accountant
      • crowdfunding gurus
      • XML and app coders
    • These are all volunteer positions currently, but if you show some commitment, funding will be available to assist expenses.  Significant positive career exposure will happen for all those who work with us, as we have a large network of media allies.  If you would like to help, Please send a private message to Editor (@) or call us at +61498239869
  • by keeping an ear out for our upcoming support and crowdfunding appeal for new projects and direct support to West Papuan journalists safety and security on the ground;
  • Of course we are most critically seeking your assistance and donations to continue this work.  You can donate to us at

Please stay tuned as we have some more significant and exciting announcements over the coming weeks.


Indon police begin another crackdown on KNPB activists ahead of May 31 mobilisations

by West Papua Media

May 30, 2016

Indonesian police have arrested scores of West Papua National Committee (Komite Nasional Papua Barat) members around Papua on May 30, as Papuan civil society is gearing up for a day a mass mobilizations to sustain pressure brought on by the massive May 3 rallies, where Indonesian security forces beat hundreds of people and arrested close to 2300 people.

KNPB members across Papua were handing out pamphlets calling on West Papuan society to rally on May 31 for international mediation to allow West Papuans to exercise their universal human rights of Self-Determination, long denied by Indonesia.

The May 31 rally will also be demonstrating Papuan support for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) bid for full membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, which was due to meet in Port Moresby this week, but the meeting has been postponed.

In Jayapura, 24 KNPB members were arrested at 1250pm outside the office of Papua Province Governor Lukas Enembe, at Dock 2 Jayapura whilst handing out flyers. Together with the Chairman KNPB (Numbay Area), Mr. Calvin Wenda &
Chief Diplomatic Commissioner from KNPB’s Central Committee, Mr. Cobabe Waninbo, they were taken and held at Jayapura Police headquarters.  

At time of writing, no response had occurred to WPM attempts to contact Jayapura police regarding charges or time of release.

According to KNPB sources, Police have alleged that the leaflets contain subversive material, and all gatherings of KNPB members are illegal as the organisation is forbidden from registration as a legal by a Jakarta mandate, despite the rights allegedly afforded to Papuan people under the long since abandoned “Special Autonomy” provisions, and guaranteed to all other Indonesian citizens.

Riot Police belonging to the Dalmas public order unit at 1420 swooped on the Yapis bus stop outside Abepura, and arrested all 34 KNPB Members handing out the allegedly subversive leaflets, confiscating them as well as personal possessions. 

In Wamena, several KNPB activist were chased, arrested and beaten by Indonesian police for handing out the flyers outside the KNPB Baliem office, activists had just begun leafletting for the May 31 mobilisation when Brimob police swooped and captured 21 of the KNPB activists.  

Their names are as follows: 

  1. Warpo Sampari Wetipo
  2. Hasan Kogoya
  3. Marta Haluk
  4. Mardi Heluka
  5. Hery Kosay
  6. Firdaus Hilapok
  7. Paska Iyaba
  8. Marsel Marian,
  9. Melianus Kosay
  10. Hiron Hiluka
  11. Yufry Kogoya
  12. Pilemon Meaga
  13. Domy Meaga
  14. Manu Wuka
  15. Martinus Wamu
  16. Deminus Qantik
  17. Ardis Wilil
  18. Nuber Surabut
  19. Mely Wantik
  20. Asa Asso
  21. Yulius Towolom.

Earlier, Three KNPB activists –  Darpinus Bayage, Ison Bahabol and Amiter Bahabol – were arrested for leafletting the same flyers at 1025am in  Dekai town, Yahukimo, outside the local Bupati (Regent’s) 

According to witnesses of the arrest, interviewed by a WPM stringer, the three KNPB activists were beaten as they were taken to the paddy wagon, and the witnesses reported that they believed the detainees were being “even more severely beaten once the got taken away in the vehicle.

At time of writing, the three were still being detained at the Yakuhimo police station.
A KNPB source in Yahukimo, Marten Suhun, said “despite intimidation and torture happening in Yahukimo, but we KNPB will stay out on the streets (on May 31) according to the (KNPB) national agenda.”