Journalism Triage Process for Civil Resistance and Human Rights Journalism

One part of why WPM has been so busy behind the scenes. For use in training our journalists.

eyeSafeMoJo - The Safe Witness (Mobile) Journalism Project

EyeSAFEMoJo’s JournoTriage Process for Civil Resistance and Human Rights Journalism is a simple concept that adopts traditional newsroom story prioritisation, combining it with the highly effective and universal First Responder’s Mass Casualty Assessment tool.

Journalism Triage was borne out of a demonstrated need for a fast, unambiguous classification system for the urgency of raw data and field reports from journalists and sources during civil resistance and human security crises.  Whilst similar to traditional colour coded news priority “slugs” in newsrooms, JournoTriage combines a material (Security, political, repressive, casualty, legality and impunity) conditions crisis assessment of standardised coding system that is understood immediately by journalists, human security, medics, counter-disaster and international agencies -instantly.

JournoTriage is designed to fit seamlessly and operate concomitantly with existing crisis classification systems, both from a human security and medical perspective, to enable the most effective prioritisation of both crisis and everyday coverage of crisis, human rights…

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