Carr must do more on West Papua: Greens



The Australian Greens call on the Government to urge Indonesia to put an end to the violence in West Papua, and commend journalists from the ABC’s 7.30 program who entered the region undercover recently. Their work shines a spotlight on the ongoing abuses of human and democratic rights that are occurring in West Papua, only some 200km to the north of Australia.

“The Australian Government has known full well for some time of the atrocities going on in West Papua, but has chosen to turn a blind eye,” Australian Greens Leader and Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, said.

“The ABC exposé means Minister Carr no longer has any excuse not to pick up the phone to his Indonesian counterpart and get some answers about what dialogue Indonesian government is having with West Papuan representatives.”

“Along with many Australians, I am very alarmed by the bloodshed of recent months, which adds to the fear experienced by the West Papuan people over many decades of Indonesian rule over their lands,” said Senator Richard Di Natale, Greens spokesperson for West Papua.

“The 7.30 program has managed to gather important coverage of the current situation there, despite considerable restrictions on journalists entering the region. It is crucial that journalists and human rights monitors are allowed access to West Papua.

“Australians are now becoming more aware of these atrocities being committed on their doorstep. They know what happened in East Timor under Indonesian rule and they know that we, as a nation, cannot sit idly by while it occurs again in West Papua.

“The Greens call on Foreign Minister Bob Carr to advocate for a new dialogue between the Indonesian government and representatives of the Papuan people. The indigenous people of West Papua should have the opportunity to decide democratically their own future in accordance with international standards of human rights and the principles of international law.”

“West Papua is a chance for Australia to show real leadership. It is a chance for us to show that we will stand up for the values of peace and democracy we so readily espouse.”

The Greens will introduce a Senate motion during the next sitting period that will call of Minister Carr to raise concerns over human rights abuses with the Indonesian Foreign Minister and request access for human rights monitors and foreign journalists.

The Greens have called on the Australian government to consider its military links to Indonesia and suspend all ties while violence continues, attributed to Indonesian security forces acting with impunity. We cannot stand idly by while this conflict escalates and human rights are being abused on our doorstop.


3 thoughts on “Carr must do more on West Papua: Greens

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  1. Australia needs to withdraw funding to Indonesia especially Jakarta as it has also been heavy handed in the way it treats boat people sending them on to Australia, how it marginalises it’s onwn people in Bali, It has been in clashes with west Papua before so their methods are known. And east Timor. Jakarta is the problem and the government knows it. The govt there is full of smiling assassins. I believe Australia cannot effectively deal with Jakarta. Therefore full international pressure must be put on Jakarta!

  2. save papuans..
    international bodies such as UN,ASEAN,EU,OIC and right groups have to act seriously to stop conflict in papua. international community should not keep silent of what happened in papua, indonesian goverment should be invited to discuss and resolve the problem of papua. we have to understand that indonesia in what ever situation wants to keep its national integrity and territory,but is it possible for Indonesia to fulfil papuans` rights while it deploys more and more soldiers in papua??? top get rid of such problem I think an independent body shoul facilitate peace negotiation between papuans` and the goverment of Indonesia… a permanent political solution absolutely required in handling papua conflic…

  3. We must all offer our thanks to the ABC network in Austrailia for forcing upon Australia’s media, the enormity of the violence and deaths that are ever resulting from the wholly unnecessary and regrettable hostile methods being frequently inflicted on the West Papuan people by the ill-intending Indonesian Military and Police Forces.
    From hereon in SBY will have to face the many intensive questions from human rights organizations world-wide and give answer to the ever-increasing witnessed reports of extreme brutality and violence favoured by the SBY Forces, across the entire of West Papua?
    There are alarming parallels today, to the brutalities that were issued from financial rewarded militia-units serving under the instructions of the Indonesian Military government during the times of the East Timor slaughter-fest.
    The time has now lately arrived to see an end to this hostility and violence, through the agency of the Worlds Human-Rights organizations.
    I am yet to receive any reply corresespondences from each of Australia’s Federal government ministers in reciept of letters I have in prior times directed to them, especially including Foreign Aid Minister Bob Carr……

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