Buchtar Tabuni’s house raided by Indonesian Police & Military for no apparent reason

Report from KNPB sources – independently verified by WPM



Indonesian police and military forces on September 26 conducted a sweep of the home of Buchtar Tabuni ( Leader of the PNWP/West Papua National Parliament ) in Kamwolker Housing III Waena , Jayapura. Sweeping operation was led by the Jayapura Police Chief Commissioner Alfred Papare and Deputy Commissioner Kiki Kurnia, and the Police Chief Abepura sector, together with the Indonesian military forces in Abepura .

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The  raid occurred at 14.00 at Tabuni’s house as fully armed Indonesian police and military forces arrived with  4 cars and a truck.  The objectives and motivations of the sweeping operation is unknown, as is the reasons for searching the home Buchtar Tabuni.  This (type) of operation is normally done up in the forests to seek Tabuni .

By 14.30, a number of KNPB board members and its secretariat, led by the General Secretary and National Spokesman of KNPB Central together with a number of members, arrived at the scene of the raid.  The demanded to know the reasoning behind the sweeps and raids, but the police refused to answer and continued to perform the search and sweep at the PNWP Chairman’s  home.   Finally the KNPB Central members and administrators only could watch the security forces,  because the managers KNPB leadership were unsure about the performance of the security apparatus, after some police threatened members of the KNPB Board.

Still without knowing the cause of the search, at 16.00WPB the police and TNI members left the scene and went to the city of Jayapura ,  so at 16 .15 KNPB members of the board and left at the scene to the attend the secretariat of KNPB Central in Waena “Vietnam” village.

From this chronology, the question is raised: What happens to Buchtar Tabuni if they saw him? Fortunately Buchtar was not in there when the operation was conducted.KNPB, edited by West Papua Media


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