Papuan MP says the Aimas Incident was engineered

Tabloid JUBI
17 May 2013

A Papuan member of the Indonesian parliament, DPR-RI, Diaz Gwijangge said that he believes the the recent incident in the District of Aimas, Region of Sorong, West Papua on 30 April when two people were killed had been engineered.

‘I believe that this incident was stage-managed and unfortunately it led to the deaths of two Papuans and has attracted international attention. The action seems not to have proceed as intended and resulted in the death of two Papuans which has attracted international intention.These days, Papua is under the international spotlight; this is a fact that cannot been denied,’ he said.

He also questioned the decision that investigation into the Aimas incident would be conducted by the police. In his opinion, the investigations should be conducted by an independent organisation so as to ensure that everything is above-board and people do not think that something is being concealed.

‘Why should the institution which was involved in the incident be the ones to conduct the investigation? It is necessary to ensure that the investigations are properly carried out and are seen to be fair so as to ensure that nothing is being concealed. It seems to me,’ he said, ‘that there is an attempt to hide something. We have Komnas HAM, (the National Human Rights Commission) and other organisations or the churches which could handle this case. Why have they not been involved?’

He also said he was not convinced that a Bintang Kejora, a Morning Star Flag, had been found, belonging to the local community as well as a membership card, which the police were claiming as evidence, during their sweepings in the area, as the police are claiming.

‘These can easily be said to have been found during searches that took place during the sweeping because no one else was involved in the investigations.. How do we know that this is true? It is just the old refrain  and the local people are the ones who get blamed.’

He went on to say that once again, some Papuans have been killed. Such an occurrence is not going to solve the problems in Papua. On the contrary, it will only mean that  the situation in Papua continues to get international attention.

‘We must find a solution that is beneficial for all sides. Killing Papuans is not going to solve anything. The security forces are only drawing attention yet again to the human rights violations that are occurring in Papua,’ he said.

Translated by TAPOL

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