BREAKING NEWS: Indon police allegedly detain and torture non-violent activist on Yapen Island

From West Papua Media sources in Serui:

April 30, 2013

Credible but unconfirmed reports have been received via sms by the West Papua Media team on Sunday, April 28, detailing Indonesian police behaviour of torture Yahya Bonai, a 33 year old, non-violent activist from Menawi village in the district of Angkaisera, east of Serui on Yapen Island.

Local stringers told West Papua Media team that Mr Bonai’s seizure was for suspicion of connection with a fatal attack at the home of Chief Brig. Jefri Sesa, an officer from the Angkaisera subprecinct police station at around 2:00am, West Papua local time, by unidentified group of assailants (OTK), three hours prior to Mr Bonai’s arrest on Saturday.

In response to Chief Brig. Jefri Sesa’s death, the Indonesian police directed the efforts on Mr Bonai as the prime suspect, according to his family.. At 5:00am on Saturday, April 27, Indonesian police went to Menawi village, where Yahya Bonai lives and viciously attacked him while he lay suffering from internal illness in bed with his family.

According to Bonai’s wife, “Yahya suffered a stomach ache and has not left the house since Friday evening,” said Karolina Karubaba. “We are so devastated to see him being beaten up, dragged out of the house, and we (family) watched helplessly as the police vandalised our home.” cried Karolina Karubaba.

Mr Bonai’s wife and kids have taken refuge into neighbouring villages. Local stringers and human rights observers also find it extremely difficult to visit Angkaisera due to the restriction and the curfew in Menawi village by fully armed police and military patrolling on high alert.

Mr Bonai is currently detained in Serui Police custody and has been denied any visits by friends or families.

Angakaisera district has been a pro-independence hotspot, and subject to an ongoing blockade and village raids by Indonesian security forces. Targeted non-violent activists have reported that they have “always experienced ongoing terror, intimidation and fear tactics conducted by Indonesian police.”

West Papua Media teams made several attempts to call the Chief of Police in Yapen today but received no response.

A Human rights monitor in Yapen told West Papua Media, “We need people to advocate by calling the Chief of Police on +6281344621189 and +6285216186194”.


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