Selpius Bobii: “Stop violence in Paniai, proceed with heart to heart communication”

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Analysis/ Opinion

27 March, 2013

 by Selpius Bobii, Abepura Prison

The ongoing conflict in Papua is deliberately generated and professionally driven by Indonesian government through its defence system, purposely to defend the sovereignty of Indonesia over Papua.  Beside political conflicts, economic factors play a certain role in initiating conflicts in Papua. As a result, both Papuan and non-Papuan civilians suffer the consequences, but mostly indigenous Papuans suffer the worst outcome of these conflicts.

One of the regions in Papua that draws major attention of the Indonesian military is Paniai.  The conflicts there that are deliberately initiated by the Defence force of the Republic of Indonesia in confronting the OPM troops led by John Yogi has left the people of Paniai in great devastation.

These ongoing conflicts have left the civilians in a frightening and intimidating situation because Indonesian Police and Indonesian National Army have been doing mass military mobilisation and convoys, committing sexual harassment and assaults on woman and girls, carrying out unlawful arrests, torturing innocent civilians, and raids from house to house, confiscating hunting tools like bows and arrows, axes, and knives.  The local people had to move to the neighboring villages searching for refuge, food and health. Some of them got sick and died, some were shot dead by the Indonesian military.

Violence, intimidation and unlawful detentions by Police  Army are escalating in Paniai in the last few weeks, especially to combat the (local) OPM movement led by John Yogi.

Marko Okto Pekei, SS (Activist from Timika Catholic Parish) reported that the tense situation in Paniai has been going for a long period of time following the forceful disbanding (by Indonesian security forces) of the OPM HQ in Eduda in October 2012. After the incident, Indonesian Security Forces deployed massive number of Indonesian Military personnel in Paniai.

On the afternoon of February 24th 2013 the people of Paniai witnessed the deployment of Indonesia Military into Paniai, 53 trucks dropped them.  During the deployment, a source that did not wish to be named mentioned that an Indonesia police officer (told him)  that, in February 2013 alone, the government ( especially the Defence Ministry) of Indonesia has deployed more than one thousand military personnel from Kelapa Dua Jakarta to Paniai.  As a result, people in Paniai, especially fathers and young men, feel intimidated everywhere they go.  They could not go out for gardening because of the fear that they would be suspected as members of OPM.

During that tensed situation, Marko Pekei also reported that there has been raids carried out in the middle of the night in the villages, unlawful arrest, torture, and forceful kidnapping, abduction and killing of innocent civilians in Paniai.

The latest cases for example are, Stefanus Yeimo who was shot dead by Indonesian Police (Brigade Mobile) at 15:30 (west Papuan time) in Kopo Paniai. He was shot when he and his friend were at a local store buying cigarette. According to the Indonesian Police (POLRI) the reason behind the shooting is, he was suspected to be member of OPM.

At 18:00 on the same day, Stefanus was buried by his family in Kopo village, Paniai.

Meanwhile, according to report from an Activist from Justice and Peace Division of Timika Catholic Parish, there is another victim from the Moni Clan; Indonesian National Army Special Team 753 in Uwibutu tortured him on Saturday March 23rd 2013 at 21:30 local time.

After the victim was arrested he was beaten, kicked and was dragged along the asphalt road. At that time few by passers witnessed that violent and unjust treatment. The victim was even dragged into the police checkroom and brutally tortured until the next day and he was rushed to the hospital for medication.

According to the relative of the victim who did not wish to be named, the victim was intoxicated but was not violent when he went to visit a family friend at the hospital. He left the hospital at 21:30 local time. That was when the Indonesian Army Special team 753 from Paniai unlawfully arrested him took him to their base and beat him up, tortured him and they took him the hospital.

In response to the escalating and ongoing violence in Paniai, We the Front PEPERA (Act Of Free Choice) would like to take this opportunity to demand:

1). Indonesian Army (TNI) and Indonesian Police (POLRI) to stop excessive terror, torture, kidnapping and unlawful arrests and shootings in Paniai.

2). Cenderawasih Regional Military Commander XVII and Provincial Police Commander to stop deploying military personnel in Paniai and as soon as possible withdraw the additional personnel that was deployed from Jakarta.

3). The military personnel who violates human rights in Paniai be brought to justice.

4) Cenderawasih Regional Military Commander XVII and Provincial Police Commander as soon as possible sack the Indonesian Army (TNI) and Indonesian Police (POLRI) personnel who are responsible for the ongoing violence in Paniai.

5). People, Government and Church to work together hand in hand, establishing communications from heart to heart in order to curtail the violence and human right abuses that has been going on in Paniai for a very long time.

6). Journalists to truthfully and honestly expose the real situation that has been happening in Paniai

7) Violence will never solve the conflicts in Papua, therefore We the PEPERA (Act Of Free Choice) Front would like to take this opportunity to demand the United Nation or a neutral third-party to immediately act unconditionally and according to the international law to end the political and social injustice in Papua.

This statement serves as guide and to be carried out by the concerning parties who thinks Papuans deserves justice, peace and security in Papua and especially in Paniai.

Selpius Bobii, Abepura Prison: Wednesday, 27th March 2013.

Selpius Bobii is the General Chairperson of Front Pepera (The United Front of the Struggle of the People of Papua)  and is currently one of the “Jayapura Five”, Political Prisoners held in Abepura Prison, Jayapura, West Papua.  The five (Bobii, Forkorus Yaboisembut, Edison Waromi, Dominikus Sorabut and Agus Kraar) were found guilty in an opaque and predetermined trial of  Treason (Makar) charges, laid after the violent Indonesian security force crackdown on the Third Papuan People’s Congress  in October 2011.


Deaths and Hunger in Kwoor District, Papua

Press Release

from AMAN – The Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago

April 3, 2013

“We have been sick for so long yet the medical staffs do not care at all,” complained people of Kwoor district, Tambrauw regency to The Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) Chapter Sorong Raya.

Since November 2012, indigenous peoples of Kwoor district have been getting stricken by disease causing mass deaths.  The people mostly suffer from malnutrition and itching skin. These have been epidemic in several villages, including Jokjoker, Kosefo, Baddei, Sukuweis and Krisnos.

According to the information AMAN Sorong Raya has obtained, as per February 2013, about 535 people has been affected by those diseases and 95 people died. In Baddei village, 250 people are ill and 45 people died. In Jokjoker, 210 people are ill and 15 people died. In Kosefa, 75 people are ill and 35 people died.

According to villagers, the government of Kwoor doesn’t provide any health service. The Postu (subordinate station) in Kwoor remains lacking of medical staffs, thus people willing to consult are often unable to obtain health service due to the absence of doctor or mantri (medical practitioner). Villagers often have to walk to another village just to get medical treatment.

Church staff of Jokjoker said that the epidemic in that village started in November 2012. Villagers went to Werur village to get medical treatment and have reported to medical staff and government of Sausapor district and Tambrauw regency. Yet, they have not shown any obvious effort to help the villagers. Today the people have to find the medical treatment themselves by walking a very long distance for days.

Until February 2013, a lot of people of Kwoor died one after another. Villagers of Kosefo (of which 12 people are ill) walked to Sausapor district for four days just to get medical treatment and report to hospital. Villagers of Jokjoker were traumatized because a lot of people have died. They didn’t have any choice but to move to Bikar, Baddei Sibi villages or to Sausapor. Travelling on foot from Jokjoker to Bikar takes one whole day.

Local government is slow in giving health service.  Until today, only two villages (Sumbab and Bikar) have gotten medicines.  People are ordered to come to villages downhill.  Since most of them are ill and can’t walk long distance, just some people came to get medicines from villages in where health service established.

AMAN Sorong Raya and its network have been trying to stop this epidemic.  They have sent representatives to obtain a more detailed and complete information.  AMAN Sorong is consolidating existing networks to urge the local government to establish service to handle the epidemic in Tambrauw regency.

AMAN Sorong Raya’s recommendations are as follow:

The State is indicatively committing gross human rights violation by neglecting its people.
Immediately sending medical teams providing treatment and service for ill villagers.
Establishing counselling and reinforcement for villagers losing their family members to prevent lingering trauma.
Immediately establishing independent investigation on the mass deaths and improper health services.

The Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN)
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 11A Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12820
Phone: 62 -21-8297954
Fax: 62-21-83706282


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