Yalimo uni students questions over 96 Civil Service applicants admitted without test

Tabloid Jubi

By Eveerth Joumilena

January 6, 2013

Jayapura – University students from Yalimo question the acceptance of 96 Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) by the local government of Yalimo. The candidates will be included in job training in Wamena. “However they didn’t sit a test and they didn’t register,” said Simon Walilo, Chairman of Yalimo’s student body in Jayapura, at a press conference in Prima Garden, Abepura on Saturday (5/1).

 According to Simon, the university students from Yalimo asked the local government to address this pro-actively, because problems like this shouldn’t be allowed to happen again. “We also ask the employees who have allowed this to happen to be punished in accordance with the law,” said Simon, who was accompanied by other students.

Simon also regrets there are officials who are unfit to perform their work and function in running government, thus inhibiting development in Yalimo. “Students and community members hope for positive development in Yalimo, so they have to see the potential, and officials who have the skills and work in the field, must use these [skills] to support more positive changes,” he explained.

A press release has been distributed detailing that on the 2nd January 2013 the District of Yalimo was tarred by donations from several local government offices. The head of the Care Team for Development Yamino, Ny. Stevina Kawer, as well as Field Co-ordinator, headed an action in which hundreds of people participated and donated to a variety of offices.

This action was supported by the Head of the Regional Employment Agency Yalimo (BKD) and is an indication of introversion and political interests. According to an announcement by Media Cenderawasih Pos on the 29th March 2011, 96 CPNS applicants were admitted from a total number of 394 applicants who passed the tests fairly. So the aforementioned organisation has violated procedures for acceptance into CPNS nationally.

In Wamena on the 3-26 December 2012, the number of job training applicants was 490, up from the 2010/2011 figures of 394 applicants. This also needs to be seriously questioned. BKD has just given SK CP on the 20th November 2012, urging employees to do the job training. Another question must be asked, what’s the cause of this urgency?

The press release also stated there was evidence to suggest 90 people hadn’t completed the requirements, hadn’t sat a test, and no names were announced in the Cenderawasih Pos.

But these people were appointed unilaterally by BKD to become CPNS, then involved only in the last stage to undergo the CPNS job training in 2010/2011. In the 2011 CPNS intake there were 96 people accepted without sitting a test, so the university students have been interested in questioning these donations.

Meanwhile, the head of the Coalition of Concerned Students for Development, Yalimo, Leo Himan, added that this occurrence was strange and implausible because 96 trainees were admitted without a test. “They can go ahead with the job training without sitting a test or even registering, and yet this is a national process, so to us it’s really strange.”

The group also supports donations beginning from January 2013, because this issue can be seen as local governments looking at the problems occurring in development. The press release also included the names of participants who were accepted into CPNS without a test.

Also relating to this issue, the group asked the local government to discontinue regional and provincial expansion, as the current areas are unable to control or manage their communities.

“No more expansion, including on a provincial level, because these areas on their own aren’t yet capable of self-management. We want change, but as it is, this will hinder development and progress,” said Leo.

(Translated by West Papua Media volunteer translators)

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