Victor Yeimo: 22 Members of KNPB killed in 2012

Thursday, January 3, 2013


PAPUA, JayapuraIn 2012 Indonesian security forces murdered twenty-two activists from the West Papuan National Committee (KNPB) and a further fifty-five are behind bars, some of whom are also on a search list from the regional Papuan police.

Victor F Yeimo, Ketua Umum Komite Nasional Papua Barat (Foto: Ist)
Victor F Yeimo, head of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) (Photo: Ist at

The following information was conveyed by the chairmen of the KNPB, Victor F Yeimo, when he was telephoned by on the afternoon of Thursday (03/01/2012).

Yeimo predicted that in 2013 the murder and arrest of KNPB activists will continue to be conducted by Papuan police under terrorism laws.

“We will continue to struggle and demand independence for West Papua. We will continue to oppose the modern pattern used by the Indonesian government to colonise us,” Yeimo said.

Yeimo also said he, along with the members of the KNPB, would continue to fight with their hearts, thoughts and actions to free West Papua from the colonial Indonesian government.

Dorus Wakum, a human rights activist in Jakarta, said the brutal actions of the Indonesian military and police that caused the death of dozens of KNPB activists in 2012 needed serious attention from the international community.

“The KNBP fights to uphold the dignity of indigenous Papuans. Why are the security forces accusing them of insurgency and killing them? They have to be responsible for this disgraceful act,” said Dorus to the media.

Dorus also called for KNPB activists and the wider West Papuan community to not withdraw from the fight but to continue to work for the humanity and dignity of Indigenous Papuans.

As was mentioned in the previous media post, Hubert Mabel, a member of KNPB, was shot dead by the military/police at the end of  2012 (see: Aparat TNI/Polri Menembak Mati Aktivis KNPB di Wamena).

Although Papuan police accuse KNPB of being a terrorist organisation and a security threat, these allegations are not true; rather, it is working to free Papua from its Indonesian colonisers.


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