So, who is the real terrorist? West Papua Responses to Australia, U.S. and Indonesia


By Victor F. Yeimo
Chairman of the West Papua National Committee [ KNPB ]

September 9, 2012

(text edited/retranslated by West Papua Media for linguistic clarity)

Last week, Australia, the United States and Indonesia strengthened their economic, political and security ties while the people of West Papua were lamenting their oppression. That’s a sure sign that the practice of colonialism and capitalism will continue in West Papua. We do not know how much more blood will be shed as the people of West Papua will fall victim to the Indonesian military.

The world seems blind and deaf to the repression in West Papua. The world does not care about the Papuan struggle in upholding truth, justice, honesty and humanity. Instead, the world (community seems to be) trampling human values, truth, justice, honesty and all the rules of its international law.  The world only cares about its political and economic interests.

West Papua has become the object of economic transactions and political interests of U.S and Indonesia.  This dirty practice is still applied in the so-called “open era”. The lust of economic and political expansion of the states, without feeling of guilt, continues to increase the suffering of the West Papuans. The people of West Papua are not stupid.

People of West Papua fully understand how colonialism and exploitation scenarios work in this modern century.  Labelling and stigmatisation of indigenous people as terrorists, and then kill and take control of land and its natural resources are the ways that are always used by the colonial countries and capitalists.  Australia, Britain, the U.S. and Indonesia are implementing those ways in West Papua.

The peaceful resistance movement in West Papua is being silenced by the Indonesian military forces.  The space of peace and democracy has closed and Indonesia has opened a space of violence, so that they can easily kill and destroy the West Papuan peoples’ struggle with the stigma of terrorism.  Using that stigma to cement military cooperation between Indonesia, the U.S., Australia and other countries is considered essential.  For them, it is important to kill Papuans and to occupy the land of West Papua.

Violence has been created by rulers who oppress and exploit the people and the land of West Papua.  Terrorism is created for global rulers who have an interest in mastering the fields of exploitation.  Terrorism was created by the colonial rulers who invaded to take control of someone else’s land.  The territory of West Papua is controlled by Indonesia. The people of West Papua were massacred by Indonesia. Military power is funded, supported and trained by Australia, the U.S. and other pro-colonial and capitalist countries.

This is evidenced by the attitude of the Australian government and the presence of three ministers from Australia during the visit of the U.S. Secreatary of State Hillary Clinton to Indonesia while increasing support for the Indonesian defense forces. Meanwhile, thousands more Indonesian troops are being deployed to West Papua, and police in West Papua, led by the former head of Detachment 88 Anti-Terrorism Tito Karnavian, and detectives at the Criminal Investigation Unit of Papua Police are now controlled by members of Detachment 88.
Their goal is only one, to kill all members of the peaceful resistance movement in West Papua, to eliminate the people of West Papua, and to rule the roost on this land for the benefit and prosperity of colonialism and global capitalism.

So, who is the real terrorist?

5 thoughts on “So, who is the real terrorist? West Papua Responses to Australia, U.S. and Indonesia

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  1. the murder and abuse in West Papua will continue until somebody reminds the UN General Assembly that their resolution 1752 (XVII) was enacted under article 85 of the UN charter, i.e. West Papua is THE remaining United Nations Trust Territory.

    In light of the fact that there are no other Trust territories, West Papua would be a critical concern to the UN once the General Assembly is reminded of the trusteeship agreement…

  2. Greetings from the corporatized, privatised and ‘re-structured’ Latrobe Valley in Victoria.

    This morning I deposited A$50 into your Bendigo a/c

    Thank you for all that you do to expose the murderous regimes in Indonesia, the U$ and Australia … and their paymasters – the transnational mining, logging(?) giants.

    john foster (aged pensioner)


    1. Thank you very much for your donation and support John, this is deeply appreciated. It will help us continue to shine a light on these killers, and their mates in Canberra. We have many many more stories we are preparing to expose, through many different forums.

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