Theo van den Broek on the letter sent to UN by Federal Repblic of West Papua

JUBI 23 March 2012Theo van den Broek, a political commentator about Papua, has said that the United Nations will only respond to letters that come from one of its members whereas all its members are nation-states.

Referring to the decision to register the Federal Republic of West Papua with the United Nations by representatives of the IIIrd KRP (held last October), Theo said that it was necessary to know whether a letter had indeed been sent to the UN and what would happen to it.

‘I understand that they sent a letter but that does not mean that the letter will now be handled by the UN or put onto its agenda. All that will happen will be that the letter was indeed sent but it was passed on to the administration and recorded as a letter that had been received. The letter will be given a number and recorded as a letter that had been received. And that will be it,’ he said.

He said that it would be handled automatically by the administration. He gave an example of what would happen to a letter that he might send to the Dutch government asking to be registered as a Dutch person or perhaps relating to the payment of taxes. It would be registered as a letter coming from a Dutch citizen and an acknowledgement would be received but it would not actually be dealt with because the letter raised problematic matters.

As for the letter from the Federal Republic, it will be recorded somewhere but as it comes from a body that is not recognised by the UN, it will probably never be acknowledged because it does not come from one of its members, given that all its members are nation-states, said Theo. ‘Anyone can send a letter to the UN but if it comes from a body that is not a member of the UN, it is not possible to expect that it will be taken seriously.’

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