Federal Republic of West Papua is registered at the UN

JUBI, 2 March 2012At the latest hearing of the trial of Forkorus Yaboisembut, Forkorus  announced that  the proclamation of the Federal Republic of West Papua had been registered with the UN Security Council in order to receive international recognition. This happened on 26 February, said Edison Waromi, the prime minister of the Federal Republic of West Papua, in response to questions from the judge at the trial.He also announced that they had received an acknowledgement from the secretariat of the UN. The registration of the Federal Republic at the UN has been recorded under No Rr.827567846 BT, he told the court.

Forkorus also confirmed this, and went on to say that the Papuan people should work together to get recognition of the Federal Republic and should stop calling for a referendum or for dialogue. ‘Let us focus on getting international recognition,’ he said .

‘Very soon, there will be a country that will recognise our independence and our people should prepare themselves to support this,’ said Forkorus without mentioning which country he had in mind.

Hariyadi Wirawan, an international observer connected with the University of Indonesia, said: ‘This move is intended to get international recognitions because the problem of West Papua has never being solved. What is being demanded for West Papua would follow the scenario of the independence of Kosovo which succeeded in gaining recognition of its independence with the help of an international institution.’

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  1. Having registered at the United Nations Security council is a greal leap forward to success of the international recoqnition. The President -elct of Federated Republic of West Papua, Mr. F.Yaboisembut and his colleques and group of OPM deserve the salut of West papuan People.

    The president elect have also made calls on all West papuans and its OPM groupings to join hand-in-hand, together working towards to achieve the international recoqnition.

    Though many issues ( ie:leadership,the form/s of state that an independent west Papua to take, etc) still lingers, all that can be put to rest later when West Papuans are united and free.

    The call for West papuan individual communities and groups to become united is an important one to achieve what has been struggled for too long and that is international recoqnition of West Papua as an independent state.

    Rest assured that the unity being called for will fall in place very soon, the sooner than anyone may expect provided that the the substance of the news is independently verified by International Lawyers for West Papua(ILWP) and the international parliamentarian for West Papua (IPWP).Such verification by this two independent medium of ‘West Papuan Voice for Independence’ is of utmost importance to unite West papuan People from across boundaries of groupings.

    The verification by the two bodies is also important to convince West Papuans who have over the decades developed ‘thick skin’ against enemy/ies manipulations and controls.


    1. It is important to understand that this is only a claim by FRWP, and could not be independently verified by West Papua Media with the office of the Security Council.

      It is also important that Registration is understood only to be a registration of intent, and carries zero official weight until it is approved in full by the UN Security Council, the success of which depends on mainly trade concerns, and the human rights abuse denying whims of the five permanent members of UNSC.

      Nevertheless, it is an innovative and important tactical manoeuvre in raising the issue of West Papua at the international level, even if it is not accepted.

      West Papua Media

  2. President of Federal Democratic Republic of West Papua, Ondofolo Forforus Yopisembut is at the forefront to challenge the Makar Law in the Indonesia Courts and hence halt the interfaith dialogue with Islam in West Papua. It may be argued that Islam is uncompromising. There is no way Islam will accommodate un-Islam therefore freedom from Indonesian rule is the only real guarantee of a normal future well- being for the mainly christian population of West Papua . A Free West Papua means the children of Israel including Papuans are freed from captivity and from the forces of oppression that haunted God’s pipol in West Papua for the past half – a – century embodied by the Islamic religion and the occupation industry. President Ondofolo Forforus Yoisembut and 5 other Papuan nationalists face an imminent 5 – year jail term each today for proclaiming an independent homeland of West Papua from Indonesia. However, the argument in the treason trial for human rights including the right to self – determination to be accepted as an explanation for their collective actions seems not to count in the Islamic world or context of civilization. Indeed, their role could be viewed broadly. The struggle for West Papua is the struggle to confront and stall Islamization of the West…and the process has reached the UN Security Council in theory. The practice is only mechanical, a matter of time.

  3. Federated Republic of West
    Papua,this is a great strategy to collect Papuan power to get their freedom.I really agree with this idea.This is the time for Papuan to collect their power.FREE PAPUA

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