Third National Papua Congress Declaration

[as received in english from Papua National Consensus Team. This was scanned copy. Typos not corrected. – JMM]DECLARATION


On this day Wednesday ,19 October 2011 at the Third National Papua Congress, the people of Papua in Country of West Papua declare:


Proclamation recover and Restore the independence and sovereign of West Papua which was lost to Indonesia annexation on December 1, 1961.


Going into effect Constitution of Federal of West Papua by forming Governance of Federal State of West papua in the form of lifting President and elect Leader of Governance-The Prime Minister.


Government of Federal State of West Papua guarantees the rights of live and rights of endeavor of everyone in the Country of West Papua.


Indonesia immediately terminates its occupation of West Papua pacifically and prestigious as civilized nation and member of the United Nations.


The Nation Members of the United Nations to confess the Independence of the nation of Papua parallel with the other independences in the globe.


United Nations Security Council immediately register the Federal State of West Papua becomes the permanent or regular member state of the United Nations


Authorized the mandate to Papua National Leadership for run of the power of governance, Legislative, Judicative and Commander in Chief of Defense and also as soon as during one year carry out the general Election to chosen the Prime Minister of definitive Governance.

The People of West Papua greatly appreciate on your understanding of the historic injustice that we have suffered and are most grateful for your goverment’s support and recognize for restoration of our sovereign righs.

God Bless us all Sincerely

Forkorus Yaboisembut, SPd.
Head of Papua Customary Law Council Executor of Presidency of West Papua

1.Secertary General of United Nations
2. The President of United States
3. President of Indonesia
4. Netherland Kingdom
5. Pope in Vatican- Rome
6 .US Members of Congress and Senate

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