Police, unprovoked, shoot man in Merauke

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by westpapuamedia.info

Information has been provided to West Papua Media that in an unprovoked attack, an Indonesian police officer shot a West Papuan teenager on on August 30  in Merauke, West Papua.

Activists from the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in Merauke reported that Benedict Umap, 19, was shot outside the KNPB Secretariat office on  Johar Kelurahan Kelapa street at 1530 by Brigadier Jhon Piter Dias of Merauke Police.

According to witnesses, Umap had been walking back to his house, and was approached by Brigadier Dias without just cause.  Dias fired several shots from his rifle without provocation into Benedict Umap’s left leg, resulting in gunshot wounds and a broken leg.  Umap then scrambled with a broken leg to the Regional General Hospital Merauke assisted by family members who witnessed the shooting.

KNPB Merauke has described the situation as highly tense at this arbitrary and casual act of police brutality, with local residents and Papuan people in Merauke fearful of further police violence.

photos from KNPB Merauke

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  1. aneksasi militer takan kunjung berhenti, jang ko kira perbuatan itu baik, coba ko renungkan sedikit saja, seandainya hal ini terjadi sama kamu, apa yang kamu pikir saat itu sama juga dengan orang yang kau tembak tampa alasan, coba lagi kau renungkan sedikit, andaikan saja nafasmu itu ibarat kabel yang kau cok kelistrik, setelah lampunya nyala kau sedang bernafas, tetapi setelah kabel dicabut kau meninggal. itulah kehidupan manusia, jadi tolong di renungkan, BEKAL APA LAGI YANG KAU BAWA KE ALAM BAKA NANTI…………….

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