UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon calls for Papuan Human rights to be respected

Extract from Ban Ki Moon press conference, Pacific Islands Forum, 7 September 2011

Source: United Nations Office of the Secretary General.
see full transcript of the questions and answers, as provided by the Office of the UNSG: http://www.un.org/apps/sg/offthecuff.asp?nid=1929

Question: [unclear] With regards to human rights – for more than forty two years, there’s a struggle in West Papua as people seeking their government in the province of West Papua

What is the United Nations stand on that?

BKM: This issue should also be discussed at the Decolonisation Committee of the United Nations General Assembly
And when it comes again, whether you are an independent state or a non-self-governing territory or whatever, the human rights is inalienable and a fundamental principle of the United Nations.
We will do all to ensure that people in West Papua, their human rights will be respected.

Question: Does a human rights fact-finding mission has be dispatched to West Papua at some time?

BKM: That is the same answer [to a previous question on Fiji] that should be discussed at the Human Rights Council amongst the member states.
Normally the Secretary General acts on the basis of a mandate given by inter-governmental bodies.”amatus”

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