Comprehensive Report of Human Rights Violations in Papua since 1969

Bintang Papua, 23 July 2011[Something to look forward to. TAPOL]

Jayapura: With the help of an NGO in the USA  and the European Union, ELSHAM-Papua has drawn up a comprehensive report of cases of human rights violations that have occurred in West Papua during the period since it became part of the Republic of Indonesia.

ELSHAM co-ordinator in Papua, Ferdinand Marisan S.Sos told Bintang  Papua that they had already completed their collection of data.

‘We have collected data about human rights violations in Papua from the year 1969 up to 2010,’ he said. He said that they had been doing the work since February  this year and had completed it in April.

They are now going through the process of  putting all the data together in a book. ‘We plan to produce the data in a book which we hope to publish in October this year.’

He said that the compilation had been done together with the ICTJ, the International Center of Transitional Justice, a body that has the support of the European Union.

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  1. Please whilst you compile these violations make certain that you fill in the REAL NAMES hidden under the ENTITY NAMES and they are. These umbrellas do not identify the harm until you put up faces for the world to see. Search all the way back to the inception of the ‘ORDERS’ and by ‘WHOM’. Take pictures of their faces and their family’s connection to the LAND if any. Connect up the dots to what, when, who, why, and how, ie deeds, settlements, laws, contracts, sales, purchases etc. All are done on the fee simple title only and cannot be carrired out on the native title. Organise with all Natives to place all native lands into permanant occupation to the natives who own them by blood. Traspass all foreigners off the Native Title forever.

    1. To back up the call from our dear wantok here – this is absolutely critical with every single violation, as much as possible. West Papua Media is continuing to develop a methodology for the effective investigation of such abuses, see our Safe Witness Broadcasting Tips for an idea (at top of page). There are difficulties in some violations, in that sometimes (often) the only witnesses are survivors who have been so deeply traumatised that they cannot effectively identify the perpetrators.

      However, with good investigations, this can be done. Often, Komnas HAM – as the official government “human rights commission” – fails to ask those questions, or when the local investigators do ask those questions, the higher-ups refuse to see what the whole story is.

      It is unfortunately a question of resources and training for people on the ground.

      If you want to see a higher quality of investigation, then help us raise funding so we can support those folks on the ground. We are always ready if the money is there.

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