Breaking News: Troops seeking arrest of Bpk Terrianus Israel Yoku, WPNA


1340 AEST, Tuesday Juy 11, 2011

Information has just been received from credible sources in Serui, West Papua, that Indonesian Army (TNI) soldiers are occupying the village of Mantembu in preparation for the arrest of Reverend Terrianus Israel Yoku, the Chairman of the National Congress of West Papua National Authority.

According to witnesses in Mantembu, 30 armed soldiers from KODIM Serui entered Mantembu at around 9.30am asking the whereabouts of the President of Papua – meaning Chairman of national Kongress WPNA, Terry Yoku.  The witnesses described via SMS that the soldiers are wearing full combat equipment complete with rifles, and ammunition.  People in the village are very scared.

The West Papua National Authority is a key sector within the West Papuan resistance movement, and is styled as a Transitional Government.  It has played a leading role in the mass non-violent resistance movement across Papua.  Together with KNPB, this week it boycotted the Indonesian-sponsored dialogue process of Neles Tebay and LIPI.

Currently, the Indonesian Army are also attempting to capture the head of the TPN-PB armed resistance in Tingginambut, Puncak Jaya.

Mantembu is the area from which the late ex-political prisoner Yawan Wayeni came.  Wayeni’s death was captured on a Youtube video in 2009 after having been bayoneted and disembowelled by Brimob troops in a case that provoked international outrage, although no-one has been held to account for his treatment or death.

Please stay tuned for more information.

5 thoughts on “Breaking News: Troops seeking arrest of Bpk Terrianus Israel Yoku, WPNA

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  1. I am horrified about developments and the treatment of non-violent members of the Resistance Movement in West Papua; arbitrary arrests and detention; criminalization of peaceful arrests; the conduct of Indonesian authorities including the Indonesian Army, the Indonesian National Armed Forces, Indonesian State violence; pre-emptive arrests; torture, genocide and the treatment of political prisoners involved in peaceful protest upholding fundamental human rights in freedom of speech and expression.

    I am appalled to hear of the inhumane treatment of the late ex-political prisoner Yawan Wayeni came. Wayeni’s death was captured on a Youtube video in 2009 after having been bayoneted and disembowelled; of the treatment of #FelipKarma and of other political prisoners; others who are not given respect of consideration under fundamental international Human Rights provisions.

    I add my voice and concern to that of the international community in condemning the actions of the Indonesian Government and the appalling treatment of West Papuans, Melanesian and Moluccan populations.

    Words fail me. This is unacceptable. I call on the International community to take urgent action to defend the fundamental human rights of those who dare to exercise civil rights.

    Madeleine Kingston Victoria Australia

  2. Jangan takut papua merdeka adalah hak kita orang papua ras Melanesia, mereka adalah keturunan pengihanat kami orang papua jadikan makanan mereka



    Yaitu satu bangsa yang adalah keturunan SUKU BENYAMIN ANAK BUNGSU DARI JAKOB YANG ADALAH ISRAEL.

    Mereka adalah bangsa yang KU bentuk bagi KU untuk memberitakan kemasyuran dan keagungan nama KU.

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