Moanemani incident under investigation, say police

JUBI: 22 June, 2011
The chief of police of Nabire, AKBP Mohammad Rois said that the Moanemani
incident that occurred in the district of Dogiyai i s now under
investigation and was soon to be taken to court.

”Those of my men who were involved in that incident are being
questioned, and if there is evidence against them, firm action will be
taken.,’ he said.

The chief of police was responding to accusations made by the
Association of Students from the Central Highlands along with the
families of the victims that the legal process was under wraps with
regard to this incident when there were shootings and sweepings in
Dogiyai, as reported by the tabloid newspaper JUBI.

He declared that the police was firmly committed to investigate this
incident. which involved the burning down of people’s homes, the
beating of the police chief and the shooting of a number of civilians,
as well as the ‘togel’ (gambling) case.’We are handling them all,’ he said.

He denied that the case was being neglected and said that action would
certainly be taken against those of his men who were guilty. ‘This also
includes civilians who may have committed crimes; they too would be
brought to justice.’

He insisted that no one is this country is immune from justice.

Two civilians died in the Moanemani incident while three others were
seriously wounded. In addition, local people had burned down the office
of the chief of police as well as other places and were also trying to
burn down a place of worship.

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