Komnas HAM on Lack of commitment to solve human rights issues in Papua

JUBI, 8 April 2011 

The deputy chairman of the Papuan branch of Komnas HAM, the National Human Rights Commission, Mathius Murib, has accused the regional authorities of lack of commitment to solve human rights violations in West Papua.

He said that the local government had failed to enact a regional regulation known as Perda regarding human rights .

Komnas HAM has already prepared the draft of a Perda but the provincial governor  and the provincial legislative assembly  have as yet failed to enact it as a regulation.

He cited as examples of the government’s lack of commitment  the fact that the Wasior case in 2001 and the Wamena case in 2003 were still unresolved although Komnas HAM had carried out pro justicia investigations of these cases and had reached the conclusion that both were cases of gross human rights violations. However, the attorney-general’s office had a different opinion about the cases.

Murib made three recommendations that the victims might consider in order to bring such cases to a resolution. They could find ways to use legal mechanisms  within the Indonesian judiciary, adding that it might be possible to bring these cases before an international mechanism.

A second possibility was for the provincial government to enact the Perda regulation as drafted by Komnas HAM.

The third possibility was for Komnas HAM to become a regional human rights commission under the framework of the special autonomy law within the powers of authority of the governor of the province of Papua.

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