Jakarta never pays attention to Papuan people, says DPRP member

[Apologies for delay in posting this cri de coeur from Papua.] 

JUBI, 31 March 2011


Ever since Papua was incorporated  into the Indonesian Republic, the central government has never shown any goodwill. Whenever the Papuan people  scream about something or other, they remain silent [diam seribu bahasa] but go ahead and do something that is quite at variance with what the Papuan people want.

Yance Kayame, a member of the DPRP, the Papuan provincial legislative council, said that a host of problems confronting the Papuan people need to be properly resolved  and government policies from the era of Special Autonomy – OTSUS – should be implemented to the full. ‘But now that OTSUS is regarded as having been a failure, Jakarta must listen carefully to
the many complaints and wishes of the Papuan people.’

Although he still persists in struggling for the aspirations of the Papuan people, Yance acknowledges that Jakarta has never listened to the voice of the Papuan people.’Since former times, I have been a DPRP member who has constantly challenged Jakarta. But even though we are regarded as nobodies, we must continue to fight for the aspirations of the people.’

Yance said he hoped that the Jakarta-Papua dialogue, now being promoted by the Papuan Peace Network  will elicit a response from the government so that we can discuss together  all the problems that have been faced by Papuans until now. ‘Dialogue is necessary and Jakarta need not be allergic to it.We need to discuss everything calmly so as to find a way out.’

If there is no dialogue, he fears that all the claims about whether or not OTSUS has been a failure will rumble on. There will be no end to the dispute which can result in endless wrangling. ‘This is not what we want because it can certainly have an impact on development activities, on governance and many other things, with ordinary people feeling the consequences.’

He said that the government approach until now has been quite wrong, with the result that basic problems have not be solved. Jakarta must listen to the voice of the Papuan  people  so as to safeguard the integrity of the state and the continued existence of the special autonomy law 21/2001.

‘Papua has now gone global. Several countries around the world are  watching, and taking stock of the dynamics. This means that Jakarta must act wisely with regard to Papua, if they want to avoid being watched all the time,’ said Yance.

[COMMENT: We can but wait and see whether anyone within the government is listening. TAPOL]

8 thoughts on “Jakarta never pays attention to Papuan people, says DPRP member

  1. Papua barat di aneksasikan kedalam negara Kesatuan Rebublik indonesia 1 mei 1963 oleh klonialisme NKRI dengan operasi militer (DOM)di papua Barat merupakan pelanggaran HAM.Dan pelakasanaan PEPERA 1969 penu cacat hukum & moral.semu persoalan yang terjadi selama ini itulah akar persoalan adalah status politik Papua Barat. Bukan pembaguna , otonomi khusun pemekaran, maka untuk mengahiri atau meyelesaikan persoalan di papua adalah harus melalui politik, melihat kembali hasil pelasanaan PEPERA melalui Mahkama Internasional. Masalah Papua Barat adalah masalah internasional karena memasukan Papua Barat ke dalam NKRI adalah keterlipatan AmerikaSerikat Belanda PBB dan Indonesia Maka mereka harus bertanggung jawab.

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