Bintang Papua: Rejection of OTSUS intensifies DPRP should convene plenary session

[All items abridged in translation]

Bintang Papua, 1 November 2010

Rejection of OTSUS intensifies
DPRP should convene plenary session

The rejection of OTSUS, the Special Autonomy Law of 2001,  has intensified  with a demonstration outside the office of the regional legislative assembly, the DPRP calling for it to convene a plenary session to discuss  the eleven recommendations adopted recently by the MRP which included the rejection of OTSUS.

‘We declare that the OTSUS law adopted in 2001 has resulted in no significant  improvements in the living conditions of the Papuan people, and we state that OTSUS has failed.’

The chairman of Pepera PB, Selpius Bobii said that OTSUS provided for a system that sides with the Papuan people, and which protects and empowers them. But in the nine years since the enactment of the law, not a single special regulation as required under the law has been adopted. There have been inconsistencies between the attitude and the actions of the central government.

The chairman of the Customary Youth  of Papua, Wilson Uruway, presented a joint statement to the deputy chairman of the DPRP who was urged to make a statement in response. He said that all the aspirations of the people submitted to the assembly had been discussed. Those concerning the central government would be quickly forwarded to the government in the same way that the eleven recommendations of the MRP has been forwarded.

The joint statement was supported by a large number of groups and NGOs.

Hardly any of the OTSUS funds  has not been used in ways that would assist and help indigenous Papuans but had been misdirected as ‘fictive funds’. The central government was accused of thwarting the MRP at all levels of its activities, as a result of which it has be incapable of struggling for the rights of the Papuan people.

Among the indicators of the problem was the tardiness in adopting special regulations – Perdasi and Perdadus – regarding management of the administration and  for economic development. Dualism between provincial and districts administrations has occurred in their adoption of different regulations

Before demonstrating in front of the DPRP, the crowd gathered at Expo Waena, where they waited for a group from Sentani Customary Council to join them.

One speaker called on the government  to speak out against acts of intimidation, threats and killings of Papuans perpetrated by the TNI/Army and the Police.

A group led by the chairman of DAP Forkorus Yaboisembu arrived at the DPRP travelling on several trucks.

The demonstration was surrounded by two special Brimob units and members of the local police. Nevertheless, the action proceeded peacefully


Historic Papua day commemorated

Bintang Papua, 19 November 2010

19 November 1969  is a historic day for the Papuan people, a day regarded as been sacred by many sections of the people struggling for independence. On this day in 2010,  groups gathered to recall the historic event when the  Papuan issue was discussed in the US Congress, although it did not clearly stated that the US Congress fully supports Papuan sovereignty.

At a gathering held to socialise the events at the US Congress, Wilson Waimbo Uruwaya  announced that they would hold a peaceful demonstration calling for the peaceful solution of Papua’s status which was discussed by the UN General Assembly in 1969.

Wilson said that all elements of the Papuan struggle were united in their determination to socialise the results of the US Congress on which occasion, a discussion took place about crimes against humanity and the need to seek a solution to the difficult problems that were being faced by the Papuan people to the present day.

The discussions in the US Congress which had occurred for the first time have taken the Papuan people a step forward in their history of struggle.

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