INDONESIA’S ABU GHRAIB: Brutal Torture footage emerges from Puncak Jaya of priests killing by Indonesian Security Forces

October 18,2010  – Midnight West Papua time


West Papuan human rights workers have obtained a series of mobile phone videos of brutal acts of torture on two West Papuan priests.  Indonesian security forces, most likely troops from the Kostrad battalion 754 based at Nabire, filmed the torture March 17 2010 at a road bridge near Tingginambut, Puncak Jaya, in the midst of a still ongoing military operation.

This disturbing video shows hooded members of an Indonesian security team, believed to be members of Kostrad battalion 753 from Nabire, kicking, punching, poking with bayonets, terrorising, and brutalising both detainees.

Perhaps the most brutal scenes are where the old man, believed to be a priest of the indigenous Kingmi Church, the Reverend Kindeman Gire, is repeatedly held down while soldiers deliberately burn his penis with a burning stick. is working together with a joint team of media and international human rights workers to verify all the facts around this video.  It had been released prematurely by external sources, so the facts are still being confirmed. Investigators are still conducting forensic analysis of the original source files to determine the full identity of the mobile phone that was used to film these abuses, and if it is connected to other videos recently received (to be published).

The two victims spoke in Bahasa Indonesia and Lani. It is believed that the main victim is Rev. Kindeman Gire who was killed in March 2010.  The younger man is believed by local investigators to be Reverend Pltinius Kogoya is presenting the full UNEDITED video on the torture.  Please click on the link below (opens in new window)

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more information as it comes to hand.

Original Human Rights report from March 2010

Source via Demmak

This is the situation in Puncak Jaya so please could you add because this is very important message from elder in Tingginambut.

Indonesia Military Kill Rev Kindeman Gire.
Special Report on Piron Moribnak, Puncak Jaya
I.  Rev . Kindeman Gire shot dead by Indonesia Soldier .

At 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, Wednesday, 17th March, 2010

Location: the Tingginambut district Kalome Puncak Jaya Regency

Rev. Gire Kindeman was shot dead by TNI. Kideman was a Servant of the Lord
as Church Pastor to the GIDI Toragi district in Tingginambut.

On Wednesday, 17th March, 2010.

A week ago[RP1] , the victim was [arranging] with the community to send money via Air Gire to Wamena in order to buy 15 litres of gasoline for the purpose of [accessing] timber to support building the church.

Air [Gire] sent news to the victim to watch the road because he would be sending this gasoline in transport which would pass by the area and he [did not want the driver to miss their meeting point and go too far], that’s why. The plan was that the victim would get the message to watch the road.

At the same time another reverend, named Pltinius Kogoya, was carrying an amount of money to a driver, Ekstrada, to buy cooking oil in Wamena [and requested] if he was returning to Puncak Jaya [also] to carry [his order] with the same expectation mentioned above [namely, that a person would meet him along the road] – so that he himself (Rev. Kogoya) would wait along the road to collect his order – which would be carried from Wamena by another driver with the [alias] Yakop, from Toraja, who was already well acquainted with Rev. Kogoya.

As this was happening, the victim Rev. Kindeman reached the road first to await his package. Just then TNI Yonif 756 arrived from the Ilu district and met with the victim and asked him intimidating questions like,

Do you know Gorobak?” or “Have you seen Gorobak?

[He] didn’t know what was meant by “Gorobok” [but] then the victim answered him, “I know[RP2]

Then, where do you live?”

“in Kalome,” the victim answered.

The next thing that happened was the military opened a ‘magazine’ and then pulled out a bullet and poked him with it and asked the victim,

“Do you know what this is? Are you storing any in your house? Do you have a stash in your house?

The victim smiled [?] mixed with fear because the bullet was poking at him. These questions became more repetitious . And this is how [we came to hear] the testimony about the victim, Rev. Kindeman, by the servant of the Lord, Rev. Kogoya. Earlier, while waiting for his package, it seems he too got caught by this military group, and they asked him:

“What are you looking for?”

Rev. Kogoya answered, “…ah… I gave a sum of money to a driver when he left to go to Wamena to buy cooking oil. So I have come to look out for his car [to return]; which is [supposed] to enter here from Wamena [direction].”

The questions that followed were:

“Do you know bullets? Do you know [of any] weapons? Where is OPM hiding? ”

H[e] pointed, “That place at the side of the hill, we usually hear them there.

By that time it was already 3:30. Victim and testifier were parted 2 or 3 meters from one another then they interrogated/tortured both of them in two separate groups until 5 in the evening. The torture they experienced was severe to the point that their faces were swollen and bruised black. At the time of 5 in the evening, according to the testimony of Rev. Kogoya, he was forced by another military to stand alone on a high spot he then leaped off onto a lower step, tripping on a member who wasn’t standing straight (lying across the stair), making like a termite and crawling into the bush to escape while […[RP3] ].

After that the victim, named Rev. Kindeman was shot with a weapon 2 times.

From the day of the shooting until this report came to us, we have never found the body. The community largely suspects it is possible the TNI mutilated (cut into pieces) the victim’s body and put it in a bag and threw it into the Tinggin River or in the Yamo River, or even possibly in the Gurai Reiver – or maybe they [just] burnt it.

II. Action against Pembantain civilians continues
On the same date, i.e. Wednesday night, March 17th, 2010, The TNI that had held operations from the direction of Kalome earlier, continued to head for the capital district of Tingginambut, there is one lumbuk honai house (meeting house of elders?) in the area and a group of people were sleeping there and they were surrounded by the same
military personnel after they had shot Rev. Kideman at 5 in the evening the day before. In the morning at 5 am on Thursday 18th of March, 2010 they surrounded all residents that were present at that honai [meeting house]; in total 13 people. Not one of them escaped: all were captured and tortured. They suffered a severe torture; much worse, more than […[RP4] ] so that they waited for their time to die because they were kicked and stepped on, they were thrashed around with the ends of guns and bayonet knives.
The name of the victims names are as follows:
1. Garundinggen Morib, 45 years
2. Ijokone Tabuni, 35 years
3. Etiles Tabuni 24 years
4. Meiles Wonda, 30 years
5. Tabuni Jigunggup, 46 years
6. Nekiler Tabuni 25 Years
7. Blue Tabuni 51 Year Old Man, Position as It ill Severe Malaria
8. Tiraik Morib, 29 years
9. Yakiler Wonda, 34 years
10. Tekius Wonda, 20 years
11. Neriton Wonda, 19 years
12. Yuli Wonda, 23 Years
13. Stools Tabuni 42 Years

Until today the condition is very precarious. And until we received this report it has been difficult to get a picture because, of course, [moments where the] conditions are safe are hard to come by.

III. Enditi Tabuni has been shot

Chronology of the shooting.
Enditi Tabuni was the daughter-in-law of Rev. Yason Wonda, Vice Chairman of
Honor Victims GIDI. The victim was the wife of Rev. Yason’s first son.

At around 4 pm in the afternoon, on Monday 23rd March, 2010 a gun shots occurred from amongst the TNI
from Yonif 753 units in charge of the Puncak District Senjum Mulia Post,
capital of Puncak Jaya. Open fire broke out with members of TPN / OPM at
the cement [stream/canal] or around the Wulundan canals area. [And, lasting] until 7 pm, was the sound of
guns which made the residents of the Mulia capital panic – particularly the Wondenggobak church community and [those] in the area located around Puncak Senyum. People fled and slept in the forest.

From 7 pm till 8 pm a combing took place until the limits of the PT.Moderen WIDYA TEKNICAL area [were cornered-off].
At about 8 or 9 at night, as the operation continued to be carried out well into the night, the party apparatus took a detour to comb and shoot resident’s houses in Wondenggobak Village. Like
Blind Pigs], the above mentioned shot a sleeping mother in her home, then they released shots from outside her door and they blasted her knees. She was carried to Mulia Public hospital but she still needs her [now infected] knees to heal.  It is possible her legs will heal, [but] if not her legs will have to be amputated (chopped off) and it is possible the poor victim will die. At the time this report was being sent, the victim was still being hospitalized in Jaya Pura. And that, you see, is the character and model of the NKRI Aparatus; which has the mentality of prawn crackers so that even a woman is shot. Or maybe they were slaughtered like Blind Pigs.

Your Honor, March 24, 2010
Accurate reporting

Puncak jaya Piron Moribnak

[RP1]It says a week before but in the context I think this makes more sense

[RP2]This does not make sense, he should have said “I don’t know” I wonder if the person made a mistake in the account here?

[RP3]Sentence appears to be incomplete

[RP4]Appears to be incomplete

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