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PT Medco refuses to pay compensation for Papuan land used for three years

[COMMENT: Here is a major company bemoaning its fate if required to pay compensation for Papuan land, without acknowledging that its operations have certainly led to the devastation of the livelihoods of the people whose land it has been using for three years. How does one weigh the demise of a company against the lives and livelihoods of indigenous Papuan people who are bereft of the land that is the very heart and soul of their physical and spiritual beings?  This is the first time we have read reports  about the absence of any compensation for Papuan people. It sums up a problem besetting Papuan people across the length and breadth of West Papua. TAPOL]JUBI, 21 April 2011

The inhabitants of Sanggase kampung, district  of Okaba, district of Merauke, have submitted a demand for compensation of sixty-five billion rupiahs from PT Medco for their operations in the kampung for the past three years, but they have had no response from the company.

In other words, the company has simply washed its hands and is not prepared to pay any compensation.

At a meeting held on Thursday this week with the district chief (bupati) of Merauke which was also attended by representatives of the local administration and military chiefs, as well as a number of local people, the representative of PT Medco in Papua Aradea Arifin,  said that paying compensation  of sixty-billion rupiahs  would mean that the company would not be able to function any more.

He said that the land being used by the company is 2,800 hectares. Should such a large amount of money be paid in a case like this?. ‘It simply means asking us to close down our company,’ he said. ‘So it is quite impossible for us to pay the community such a huge amount of money.’

He claimed that during the years of its operations in Kampung Boepe, the company had  given assistance to the local people in the form of building houses, building a church, provided motor cycles and so on which he claimed meant that the company  had acknowledged the problems confronted by the people there

Local people reject PT Nutfa Malind-Papua in Okaba

JUBI, 18 April 2011The inhabitants of Sanggase kampung, district of Okaba are strongly against the presence o f PT Nufta Malind-Papua who plan to set up a timber factory covering the land of several inhabitants.  They said the project had never been discussed with them as owners of the land.
Inhabitants of several other kampungs, Alette, Alaku, Makaling,Iwol, Dukmiro and Wambi. The head of the Dukmiro clan, Mathias Mahuze said the construction of the factory had never been discussed with them.
He said they have no objection in principle to such projects but the local people, owners of the land must first be consulted.
If they say nothing but only enter in communications with certain elements, then they are bound to encounter difficulties when they begin their operations.

‘We have never prohibited investors from entering any of these areas, including the district of Merauke, but it is far better to prepare the necessary documents for such operations. They need to meet face to face with the local communities for well organised discussions to avoid any problems emerging in the future.