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Papuan human rights activist calls on Komnas HAM chairman to resign

Bintang Papua
5 December 2012
Jayapura: The  pro-independence human rights activist. Sebby Sambom, in a statement published in Bintang Papua, called on the chairman of Komnas HAM, the National Human Rights Commission, Oto Nur Abdullah to resignThis came in response to a statement by Nur Abdullah which, according to Sebby Sambom, appeared to legitimise military operations in Papua.

‘In response to the comment by the chairman of the Komnas HAM, as published  in the mass media on 28 November with regard to military sweepings in the district of Lanny Jaya , we pro-independence activists call on the chairman of Komnas HAM to resign.’

Sambom said that the statement appeared to legitimise the military operations being waged by  the Indonesian military, either directly or indirectly, against the indigenous Papuan people in Pitriver and the highlands region of central Papua.

According to Sebby Sambom and his colleagues, the statement made by the Komnas HAM chairman was dangerous and would  be detrimental to the indigenous people in Papua.

This is why, he said, we make the following demand. ‘The chairman of Komnas HAM should clarify the statement he made  that the events in Lanny Jaya cannot be described as human rights violations.’

He said that the statement fails to take account of international humanitarian law.

He went on to say that  if the chairman of Komnas HAM fails to resign, Komnas HAM should issue an official statement calling on TNI/Polri, the Indonesian army and police, to end their military activities and withdraw from the highlands in central Papua.

‘It is a great pity that the chairman of Komnas HAM fails to understand that  there are regulations regarding the waging of war and he fails to appreciate that his statement could be used as a ‘weapon’ by the security forces. We greatly regret this,’  said Sambom

[Translated by TAPOL]

Lanny Jaya KNPB leader arrested and maltreated

4 December 2012 Local KNPB activist arrested and maltreated


Another activist of the KNPB (National Committee of West Papua) has been arrested by Indonesian Police. This time, it was the secretary-general of the Lanny Jaya branch of the KNPB.Athys Wenda was arrested while sitting in the waiting room of Wamena Airport. He was arrested at 7am on 1 December.  He was seized by the police,  taken to the police station in Lanny Jaya and maltreated there.

Dules Wamimbo, the chairman of the KNPB in the district of Lanny Jaya, said that Athys was also badly mistreated while in a cell of the local police command in Jayawijaya.

In a short message, Dules said  that while being held by the Wamena police, Athys  ‘was beaten until he was black and blue all over.’

Athys had been trying to peacefully mediate a conflict among the people of Lanny Jaya.

Athys and several of his KNPB colleagues  are being closely watched by Densus88 (Detachment 88, the Australian, US, And UK funded elite counter-terror unit that is being used against peaceful political activists outside its funding mandate).  Dules said that when an armed conflict broke out between the TPN (the military wing of the OPM) and the Indonesian military, KNPB activists tried to mediate this conflict but they were treated as if they were the military.

Dules said: ‘ We very much hope that the police will stop arbitrarily arresting people without clear evidence.’

[Translated by TAPOL]