Crackdown imminent, Arrest #liveupdatesPapua for KNPB rallies – 1pm

by West Papua Media

1310 pm April 13, 2016

#liveupdatesPapua Current data on arrest and police actions:

Merauke: 14 KNPB Arrests (names unavailable) approx 0900


BREAKING: 12.30 PM: POLICE Apparatus in front of the gate UnCen has given instructions for the dissolution of the masses.

via @lbhjakarta

Many students joined the demo. It’s in 3/4 of the way between Perumnas Camp Wolker Waena, and UNCEN.  Demo started at Expo junior to Uncen.

According to the director of ELSHAM (Insitute for the Study and Advocacy of Human Rights in Papua), Ferry Marisan,  after a mass of demonstraotrs and students grew to well over 700 outside Cenderawasih University (UNCEN), speeches and “orations” were conducted.  While the mass was peacefully listening to speeches and orations, Police moved in and forcibly confiscated phones and cameras off all KNPB members, either destroying them or forccing them to delete photos.  More details to come

Video of police blockade at UNCEN


Kaimana: 14 people arrested and were detained at the police station Kaimana.

  • Yohanis Furay, Sekretarias Parliament,
  • Arifin Tanggarofa,
  • Lilian Tapnesa,
  • Ainia Kurita,
  • Simon Egana,
  • Agus Surbay,
  • Sepi Surbay,
  • Melianus Siwari,
  • Stephen Esuru,
  • Abd Fata Watora,
  • Melianus Surbay,
  • Joseph Surbay,
  • Elon Airabu,
  • Aser Kubewa,
  • ELSHAM is available to make comment on these arrests for international media.  Please contact +61498239869 for relay.

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