Radio France International: Press Freedom in Papua

From Interviews with and fixing by West Papua Media
5 July 2015



By Clea Broadhurst

In Indonesia, the eastern province of Papua has been off-limits to journalists since 1968. It has been the scene of violence between local authorities and separatist movements and both the local and national governments have been trying to hide it from the media, therefore, the international community.

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4 thoughts on “Radio France International: Press Freedom in Papua

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  1. The West Papuans have suffered in a huge number already since its annexation by Indonesia in the 60s. Why would the world continue to play “wait and see” game for more lives to gambled by the this murderous monster tyrant.

    Ray Iningi

    1. It is not a case of “wait and see” for advocating for media access and subverting Jakarta’s media ban, nor for continuing to smuggle in Journalists undercover, nor for continuing to develop the safety capacity of and protection for indigenous Papuan journalists.
      What the “wait and see” is that we will “wait and see” if the Indonesian Government tells the truth before we believe them on the so-called end of the media ban – or “we’ll believe it when we see it.”.
      Indonesian officials have consistently lied and put conditions on media freedom for 50 years – why would we believe them now?

    1. Please do. You can send to editor @, or if you are worried for safety please send via the secure form at . If you need to send a large file, please send me an email and I will send you a link. Trims byk

      Silakan lakukan. Anda dapat mengirim kepada editor @, atau jika Anda khawatir untuk keselamatan kirimkan melalui form aman di Jika Anda perlu mengirim file besar, kirimkan saya email dan saya akan mengirimkan link. Trims byk

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