Arrests at Sorong demo demanding oil palm justice from PT Permata Putera Mandiri

From Pusaka, Tabloid Jubi and awasMifee

Translated by awasMifee

Published: May 18, 2015

Photo: from Jubi’s report of the action

Dozens of local people involved in the IPPMI (Union of Iwaro Youth and Students) held a protest action outside the offices of PT Permata Putera Mandiri (PPM) on Jalan Ahmad Yani in Sorong City on Friday lunchtime. The participants were demanding justice and a resolution of the situation whereby local people had lost out due to work carried out by PT PPM. This oil palm plantation company is owned by the Austindo Nusantara Jaya Group.

IPPMI together with others from Imeko have held several demonstrations and dialogues since the beginning of the year, in Sorong City, in Teminabuan [capital of South Sorong regency] and at the work site in Puragi village. At the end of March 2015, local people demanded that PT PPM compensate the people in the Metamani area’s losses to a value of 6 trillion Rupiah, that the company should withdraw the organic army and police mobile brigade troops stationed there, and the government should review the permits which they believe have been misused to fell valuable ironwood trees and explore for oil. However, the company has yet to show any signs that it will accede to the people’s demands.

At the protest action on Friday 15th May, the participants were angry because they found that PT PPM’s offices had been closed suddenly, with the fence locked and the office door shut. Tensions rose because there were no staff from the company present. Dozens of joint security forces from the city police station were guarding the site, but also could not get anyone from the company to come and talk, so anger rose.

Participants on the action forced open the fence and concreted1 PT PPM’s office door. At this point the police who were present reacted directly, arresting dozens of local people who they then took to the Sorong city police station, including several leaders of IPPMI including Simon Soren, Fiky Utoy, Leo Iji and Fery Onim.

By Friday night, most of the arrested were released. On Saturday morning (16/5), Pusaka’s local contact, Wenan, reported from Sorong that two of the participants on the demonstration were still being held, Obeth Korie and Lodik Aitago. It appears that they are being threatened with being charged under article 170 of the Indonesian Penal Code concerning violence towards people or property, which carries a maximum prison sentence of five years and six months.

IPPMI’s protest actions against PT PPM.

February 2015
IPPMI held a demonstration outside the offices of PT ANJ Agri in Sorong.

March 2015
IPPMI reported the company’s wrongdoings and their demands to the leadership of the West Papua Province Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP). On 31st March a meeting was held with the company and the South Sorong administration, which was attended by the local Bupati (district head) and police and military leaders, and took place in a meeting room at the South Sorong police station. IPPMI conveyed seven demands which had been agreed by the people of Imeko.

April 2015
IPPMI threatened to blockade PT PPM’s office and occupy the office of the South Sorong Bupati.

May 2015.
IPPMI urged the South Sorong administration to find a solution to the PT PPM issue, or if not it could cause chaos in the forthcoming election of a new district head. During a meeting to sit down together based on customary law, someone who was thought to be following company orders punched one of the students in full view of the police.

   awasMIFEE note: not sure this is the right translation. Bahasa Indonesia original: mengecor ↩

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  1. This place is pecarian the necessities of life with hunting heean wild and take sago that is processed into food.
    When i was a teenager, here we like to come take the eggs of birds maleo below home to process it with flour be cookie.
    Now this place were torn apart discharged hundred hectares even many birds have it falls to the ground because there is no a beachhead and now the community difficulty get the food that is in set aside by its nature my opinion this is genocida against an indigenous person who made in komplex and siatematis penguasa-pengusa by the state of the republic indonesia.untuk menhilangkan the melanesian races who are in the land papua

    1. terima kasih atas tanggapan Anda. bisa tolong repost dalam bahasa Indonesia, sehingga kami bisa melakukan keadilan untuk kata-kata indah Anda?

      1. Tempat ini (kampung puragi)merupakan pecarian kebutuhan hidup dengan berburu hewan liar dan mengambil sagu yang diolah menjadi makanan.
        Waktu saya berumur remaja, disini kami suka datang ambil telur burung maleo, yang dibawah pulang untuk diolah dengan tepung menjadi kukis.
        Kini tempat ini dibabat habis beratus hektar bahkan banyak burung yang jatuh ke tanah karena tidak ada tempat berpijak, dan kini masyarakat kesulitan mendapat makanan yang di sediakan oleh alam, pendapat saya ini adalah genocida terhadap orang pribumi yang dibuat secara komplex dan siatematis oleh penguasa-pengusa Negara Republik Indonesia.untuk menhilangkan ras melanesia yang ada di tanah papua untuk kepentingan terselubung.

      2. Translation of Theo’s comment:
        This place (Kampung Puragi) (was where we would) quest for the necessities of life by hunting wild animals and taking sago to be processed into food.
        (During) the time when I was a teenager, we loved coming here to take Maleo bird eggs, which was taken home to be processed into flour cookies.
        Now the place is cleared of hundreds of hectares, even many birds fall to the ground because there is no perch or foothold, and now people have difficulty in obtaining food provided by nature. In my opinion this is a complex and systematic genocide of the indigenous people by authorities the Republic of Indonesia, for eliminating the Melanesian race in Papua for vested interests.

  2. Very funny and odd the wall that damaged the size of 50 cm wide, and 50 cm long, two people imprisoned pendemostrasi the police to in kenai criminal law, compared to hundreds of acres that of his forest dililangkan and until now is still dibabak because in take care of by army personnel / police then a company menhindar parties of landholders customary to mempertanggung responsible of his efforts and shelter to the government and tni police.
    The community local residents will be in trouble obtaining nourishment provided by nature and in the end there will be death caused no eat.
    This is what called the genocida natural and who are the papua kind described by the ngo abroad would be exhausted in years 2021.bangsa papua extinct.

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