New interactive online Graphic Novel on West Papua now available on almost any device

New interactive online Graphic Novel on West Papua now available on almost any device

May 31st, 2014


Unheard Voices from West Papua - Vanishing Tribes by Ahinsa Angel

A new, beautifully illustrated eBook tells the inspiring true story of fifty years of peaceful protest in WestPapua. Vanishing Tribes: Unheard Voices from West Papua was designed for the iPad, but is now compatible with virtually all types of computers, tablets and smartphones. All versions of the eBook are free, and can be accessed through

Vanishing Tribes is published by Freedom 50 Creative, an informal volunteer collaboration of artists, academics and activists. Based on events circa 2012, the eBook contains footnotes within the fictional story to elucidate the West Papuan peoples’ unstoppable determination to regain their freedom through non-violent resistance.

The eBook is presented as an illustrated fictional story about a young woman’s need to find courage, and her role in ending the global conspiracy that continues to enable militarized commerce and genocide in West Papua, a place perhaps as biologically and culturally diverse as the Amazon.

The eBook can be read on three levels. Readers can:

a) scan the story and browse the paintings like an art gallery
b) read the full story which includes more than sixty paintings and illustrations
c) open the embedded footnotes and image descriptions to understand what’s happening to the astonishing people who inhabit the world’s second largest island.

Readers who want to know more are directed to a wiki where they can verify the facts behind the fictional story, follow links to video evidence of atrocities, and choose from a variety of action ideas to help West Papuans regain their freedom.

This new online graphic novel is a totally different story and major redesign of the 2010 Flash flipbook at, which West Papua Media helped to promote in July of 2010. It was subsequently translated into Korean and German thanks to allies like West Papua Media promoting it.  We’re hoping Vanishing Tribes will also be available in other languages. Updates will be posted through

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