General Assembly of Pacific Churches supports self-determination for West Papua

Tabloid Jubi
14 March 2013
The Tenth General Assembly of the Churches of the Pacific which was held in Honiara, the Solomon Islands from 3 – 10 March adopted a programme of activities to document the human rights violations occurring in West Papua  and in support  of West Papua’s right to independence.The General Assembly adopted  a programme of documenting and effectively advocating justice and respect for the basic rights of West Papua, in partnership together with its ecumenical colleagues, civil society and governments in the region.The press release issued by the General Assembly said: ‘This will mean that West Papua becomes a strong focus and part of the programme of the General Assembly of Pacific Churches for the right to self determination for non-self governing  territories and for nations and people that want independence.’

The delegations attending the meeting declared that they acknowledge the basic human rights of all peoples and in particular the right to self-determination of all indigenous people who are oppressed and colonised throughout the world, in accordance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The press release also called for the right to self-determination of the Maohi Nui People (Tahiti). The delegates said that the issue of decolonisation has for many years been the focus of the General Assembly of Pacific Churches. They announced their full support for Tahiti to be restored to the UN decolonisation list.

[Translated by TAPOL]


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  1. Australians and Americans are training Indonesian forces to combat terrorism, however, they turn to kill Christians in West Papuan. They hanged them as Christ was. In fact Indonesia is the largest Muslim state in the world.
    Christianity existed in West Papua well before arrival of first Missionaries & force annaxation of West Papua to Indonesia in 1960s. Political activities in West Papuan, however is regarded as Terrorism.
    The fact is that Muslim will not attack Muslim & Christians will do the sam. I don’t see any reasons why a Christian state like Australia providing weapons & training muslim state to kill the Christians in West Papua. I don’t see any reasons, it is not ethical and logic.

    1. thanks for you comment Otto, though the point must be made that the conflict in West Papua has nothing to do with religion, rather it is simply about colonialism, where religion has been used to divide. The Indonesian military, likewise as majority Muslims, have no interest in adhering to the accepted behaviours prescribed under Islamic hadith, that had been present in Indonesia hundreds of years before Christians missionaries and their mining companies ever showed up.
      The simple reality is that Jakarta, and particularly the truly evil men of the TNI, poisons uneducated villagers with a violent un-Islamic form of jihadism as a philosophy, brainwashes them with a hatred of all non-Muslims and then sends around rumours or SMS messages claiming (falsely) that the Christians are about to attack, so that they will pre-emptively attack.
      This is not at all about religion, it is entirely about the evil and destabilisation by Indonesian military generals and their cronies – including those in lucrative property relationships with members of both sides of Australian politics.
      The attacks on churches will get worse as one of the worst war criminals of the 21st century (and 20th) marshalls his forces of terror in order to gain the Indonesian presidency next year. Yesterday, shadowy forces connected to the military orchestrated attacks on the Bekasi churches as a warm up for Papua. As Prabowo – who after all was behind the bombings immediately post-Suharto that began this deliberate religious sectarianism – edges closer to the Presidency, he is deliberately creating the division that will sow the seeds of chaos over which he can emerge as the “saviour”. It has happened before, and it is the standard operating procedure of Kopassus, Kopassandha and Bakin ever since the days of Ali Murtopo (the architect of the 1969 Act of No Choice) after he created Jemaah Islamiyah in 1972. (see page 5,
      International Crisis Group INDONESIA Briefing, 8 August 2002, AL-QAEDA IN SOUTHEAST ASIA:

      The challenge for Australia is vastly different to 1965, where Australia cooperated in the slaughter of over a million people in order to further our foreign policy (or the mining industries foreign policy). For one we have an independent media, reporting on how the Australian trained units are involved.(though we need more financial support to enable that to happen.), Secondly, despite our interests and our racist policies, when it comes to West Papuan refugees, it is a different ball game. And Canberra knows this.

      You need to turn your exasperation and anger on the governments that are enabling this. Steven Smith is giving the TNI the guns ad training, Bob Carr is giving them the legitimacy. But the Australian peoples (and churches) silence is giving them the consent.

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