Statements from Indon parliamentarians on Papua should greatly concern Australian Govt, international community

Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

Media release

5 October 2012

Statements coming out of the Indonesian House of Representatives should be of great concern to the Australian Government and the international community . Joe Collins of AWPA said that statements reported in an article in the Jakarta Globe “House bangs drum of war in Papua” , must create fear in the West Papuan people who have already suffered so much from Indonesian military operations. Statements from the deputy chairman of Commission 1, Tubagus Hasanuddin such as “To keep Papua integrated with the country we must encourage the TNI to do what they have to do in Papua” And ” that the House was yet to give political support for any TNI offensive against the separatist movement in Papua, but it would not hesitate to back it if the occasion demanded”.

Joe Collins of AWPA said that “these statements indicate a new crackdown is likely to occur against so called separatists in West Papua and as usual the Indonesian authorities are trying to blame the problems in West Papua on overseas groups”. “Certain pro-
independence figures, who are living overseas, use this opportunity to nurture opposition against the government. The people have obviously welcomed [the idea of independence]. Therefore, we must seriously do something about it,” Tubagus said.

AWPA is calling on the Australian Government to raise concerns about these statements and follow the lead of PNGs Prime Minister Peter O’Neill who said he will raise concerns over human rights abuses committed by the Indonesian Military in West Papua with the government of Indonesia.

The ABC 7.30 program reported last night that Detachment 88 had launched a fresh crackdown in West Papua detaining eight men who they accuseof bomb making. However the KNPB said the explosives were planted and they are been framed to justify the squad’ activities.

Detachment 88 is trained and funded by Australia.

From Joe Collins, Australia West Papua Association.

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