Australia Government wants Papua to continue to be part of Indonesia

Bintang Papua, 28 March 2012While the Australian government is keen to hear about the present situation in West Papua and is hoping to get inputs from a number of sources, in believes in principle that Papua should continue to be a part of Indonesia.

‘Australia fully agrees that Papua should  continue to be a part of Indonesia,’ said Ruben Magai, chairman of commission A of the DPRP, when speaking with journalists during a closed meeting with Greg Ralph and Emily Whelan.

As a mark of its support for this position, it has decided to provide financial assistance via the World Bank, the UNDP and other agencies. ‘This is a sign of Australia’s interest in the Papuan people,’ said Magai. [No concern about what the Papuan people may want!! – Tapol]

He said that Australia was showing its concern by providing financial assistance for the implementation of the OTSUS (special autonomy) law. This financial assistance is intended to help improve the infrastructure, to support the economic empowerment of the Papuan people as well as make provisions for their health and education .’But they need to control how their assistance is being used,’ said Magai.

He said that the election of the governor of the province of Papua had dragged on, and Australian diplomats were concerned about this.’We wanted to conduct the election in accordance with the Special Autonomy Law of 2001 but there are groups of people who have delayed these elections.’ But he did not say which groups of people he had in mind.

There were three points that should be borne in mind about the elections, firstly that the candidates should be indigenous Papuans, secondly, that the incumbent should serve a maximum of two terms.and thirdly regarding who should run the elctions, the DPRP or the election commission.

Australian diplomats also had a meeting with Dr Neles Tebay, rector of STFT, the College of Theology, during which they discussed  the Third Papuan Peace Congress in Jayapura , the political status of West Papua  as well as problems that have occurred in Papua including violations of human rights. Staff members of the embassy also held a meeting with the UP4B and an assistant of the governor of the province.

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  1. The majority of Australian’s, thanks to our Media’s lack of reporting anything, are unaware of what is happening just 250 klm to our north. The Majority of Australian’s are unaware that our Governments, past & present, have sold us and our mates out to overseas interests.
    By simply generalising that “Australia” supports Indonesia in this story implies that the Majority, if not all, Aussies actually do support them!
    THIS, is not trueand if the truth was made public, would cause another East Timor due to public backlash and world condemnation.
    When the entire planets media is controlled by 3 people who are in bed with Politicians and Banks etc etc, what hope has the truth really got?
    I don’t know any Australian’s who are happy with the way the Politicians do anything, but voting seems to just encourage them?
    Please attack our Politicians and not our media fed sheep of a population.
    I attack my Politicians all the time for what they DON’T do to help you and spread the word to all who will listen. But I’m only one Aussie.

    1. Hi Bernie,
      we couldn’t agree more with your sentiments. There was a minor production issue that a damn autocorrect (and extremely tired editor) let slip through – and that was the headline that said “Australian Government”. Fixed now.

      This is a problem when official government visits occur to West Papua – the people that meet with them make the quotes that generalise. But I think it should be clear now that it was just the government. And it is positive that we can report on the fact that DFAT are actually, finally, making the effort to do their jobs and monitor the situation. It is something we will continue to provide critical coverage of, to ensure that nobody in government can at all say “we didn’t know”.

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