DPRP member: ‘Journalists important for the Papuan people

Bintang Papua, 23 March 2012Journalists are very important for Papua
Ruben Magay

Jayapura: Without journalists, nothing would be known by the general public about the aspirations of the Papuan people, said Ruben Magay chairman of Commission A of the DPRP, the Papua Provincial Legislative Assembly.

Referring to recent demonstrations organised by the KNPB – National Committee for West Papua –  he warned that demos should avoid becoming ‘anarchistic’ and start throwing things at journalists.

‘Demonstrations to press for our aspirations are in accord with the laws in force in Indonesia but people should understand  that they must refrain from abusing or attacking journalists, as this is in violation of the ethical code of the press. A recent demonstration was held to call for a referendum, but if people resort to anarchistic behaviour, this would result in the aspirations not being made known to in public. He urged the KNPB to remember that the demos they organise should always be orderly and peaceful.. ‘They should avoid trying to force their wishes on other people,’ said Magay, who in earlier days often took part in  demonstrations himself.

He referred to Law 29/1998 on demonstrations in which it is stated that  people wishing to proclaim their aspirations and their opinions to the general  public were fully entitled to do so  and should always conform with the regulations in force.

[Abridged in translation by TAPOL]

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