MRP questions the purpose of the UP4B

Bintang Papua, 11 January 2012The Majelis Rakyat Papua (Papuan People’s Assembly)  is planning to find out more about the UP4B programme and who will be in charge of implementing it. The chairman of the MRP, Timotius Murib said that they need to know what the objective of  this organisation is.

The MRP was set up (under the special autonomy law of 2001) as the representative body of the Papuan  people. ‘We need to know what the precise purpose of this (new) organisation is.’

He said that setting up such an organisation can be regarded as a positive move from the central government to support  the Papuan people but he was surprised that the MRP was not involved in the decision to set up the  UP4B.  He said he would also like to know about the funding of the organisation and about its programme, because there has been no coordination about all this with the MRP.  ‘We need to know whether the UP4B will take the side of the Papuan people. If this is not the case, the MRP will take a firm position about this.’

It was not clear, he said, whether this new organisation is intended to ensure that OTSUS, the special autonomy law, functions properly, bearing in mind the failure as yet of OTSUS to bring about any improvements for the Papuan people.

He also drew attention to the provision in the 2001 law that the governors and deputy governors of Papua and West Papua should be indigenous Papuans and he intends to raise this with the Minister of the Interior in Jakarta.  There needs to be affirmative action with regard to the entire structure of the governing bodies in West Papua. He said that while the aim of the MRP was to ensure that there is no discrimination with regard to the personnel. ‘What we have been fighting for, for the past thirteen years, was for what is called ‘positive discrimination’.

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