Pacific Church Leaders call for West Papua’s Independence

From Vanuatu Daily Post

December 13, 2011
The Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) is calling for the independence of West Papua and her people from Indonesia.

In a statement that was endorsed by the church leaders at their recent meeting in Samoa, they declared that, “beginning in 2012, we will celebrate a day of freedom in support of our brothers and sisters in Maohi Nui, Bougainville, New Caledonia, West Papua and peoples who yearn to be free. We call on the Secretariat of the PCC to designate such a day.”

PCC’s Acting General Secretary Reverend Francois Pihaatae said this designated day will be discussed in details during the staff planning retreat in early January of next year.

“The Pacific Conference of Churches is committed to the decolonisation of the Pacific region. We stand beside people under colonial rule and walk with them in their journey towards a future of their own choosing. It is unacceptable that in this day and age we continue to accept the existence of colonies in the Pacific region,” Rev. Francois said.

Rev. Francois is calling on church members in the Pacific to join hands and pray about the situation in West Papua.

“Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we believe that true worship is about true commitment for the good of others. Let’s walk with the people of West Papua through our prayers and ask God to provide them with comfort and protection in this very difficult time they are facing.”

4 thoughts on “Pacific Church Leaders call for West Papua’s Independence

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  1. Tuhan inilah Doa Kami,,,Tuhan Sertailah Kami….
    Semua perjuangan dan orang” yang telah di bunuh kami serahkan ke dalam Tangan – Mu…
    kami yakin Engkau akan berperkara buat tanah ini…

    Tuhan Yesus
    memberkati anak” Papua dan tanah Papua selamanya..
    dalam nama-Mu Kami berdoa….

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