KINGMI Church makes its aspirations known to President

Bintang Papua, 21 July, 2011

KINGMI Church writes to SBY

Jayapura: The chairman of the Synod of the KINGMI Evangelical Church Dr Benny Giay, has written to President Yudhoyono to explain the church’s aspirations, in response to a statement by the Cenderawasih military commander, Major-General Erfi Triassunu who alleged that the church was set up to get as much money as possible from the government in order to fund its political campaign for independence.

Following a prayer meeting, the prayer co-ordinator Rev Domminggu Pigay read out the aspirations, watched by Dr Benny Giay and other victims of stigmatisation as separatists.

Dr Giay later put the sheets of paper with the aspirations written on
them on the ground in front of the office of the DPRP – provincial
legislative council. There were not many local people around to witness the event as they had returned to their homes about 200 meters away.
Yunus Wonda, deputy chairman of the DPRP, said he had facilitated the
meeting in order to get clarifications from the military commander.
‘This is a long struggle and needs to support of the whole KINGMI
congregation,’ he said.

Dr Giay, as leader of the KINGMI Church, said he had made their
aspirations known to the President publicly, in response to the
statement made in Arpil by Major-General Triassunu, which had been
disseminated to all the local military commanders, and made public in
the media on 7 July.

Dr Giay’s letter to the President made a number of points, one of which rejected all efforts to drive public opinion in the direction of
reducing the right of religious bodies to become political
organisations, or identifying the church as the OPM. ‘We reject the
efforts by the government which have been under way for a long time to see everything connected with the churches from a political perspective.’

‘They fail to see,’ the statement said, ‘that it is the role of the
church to strengthen friendship and solidarity for those who suffer and are excluded.’

He said that the Synod was nothing like what the government and the
military commander imagine. ‘We reject being called OPM which we regard as being a trick to extinguish the church’s role as a prophet in the Land of Papua.

He appealed to the President to stand by his pledge to ensure that
that Papua is a place of tranquillity not only for newcomers from
elsewhere but also for the indigenous Papuan people.

[Abridged in translation by TAPOL]

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  1. President would have happily accepted a letter from Papua Kingmi. Why happy? Because one after church leaders in Papua openly proclaimed to the State of Indonesia that they are actually ANTI-OPM ….

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