Medical staff take their complaints to the DPRP and to the govt in Jakarta

Bintang Papua, 23 March 2011

The secretary of the provincial administration of Papua has been
reported to the police by nurses and midwives who work at the hospital for his deceitful actions towards the medical staff and for conveying false information to the public. He had promised to pay monthly ‘incentives’ to the staff throughout 2010 but this has failed to

Hundreds of nurses and midwives demonstrated outside the office of
provincial legislative assembly, the DPRP and outside the office of the
provincial governor.

The lawyer, Anum Siregar told the press that the provincial secretary ,
Constan Karmadi, had deceived the public when he promised as long ago as December 2010 that incentives would be paid as promised, describing it at the time as a ‘Christmas present’.

The medical staff are planning to make a formal complaint against the
provincial secretary to the Administrative Court, pointing out that
Instruction 125/2010 has been issued for the payment of the incentives, only to be cancelled out by a later instruction that withdrew any such payments.

Letters have also been sent to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono , as well as to Vice-President Budiono about all this as well as about the
arrest of five nurses and midwives who work at the general hospital, or
alleged incitement in bringing other members of the profession out on
strike, which resulted in a breakdown in the provision of services at
the hospital. The arrested nurses are now being treated as ‘suspects’.

The lawyer said that the hospital authorities had acted in violation of
the regulations and in a very irresponsible way.

When a journalist from Bintang Papua approached the director of DokII
hospital, Dr, Maurits Okasaray, for a comment on this situation as he
was seen leaving the police criminal investigation unit, he refused to
say anything, remarking only that the question should be put the police authorities who are investigating the matter.

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