KNPB Occupy Theys Eluay's grave to call for Referendum

Information received from KNPB:  Several hundred KNPB activists are currently occupying the gravesite of murdered independence hero Theys Eluay at Waena, near Jayapura in West Papua.

SMS messages say that the activists  are paying homage to Eluay as they continue to publicly call for REFERENDUM to genuinely determine the status of West Papua according to the universally recognised basic human right of self-determination.

They are also seeking an immediate audience with the visiting US Ambassador to Indonesia, Cameron Hume.

As the grave is on the land belonging to family of the late Chief Eluay, the police do not have a right to remove the activists.  However, it is not known if the Police are likely to follow the law or disperse the peaceful occupiers.

Please stay tuned for updates.

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