Referendum demand sent to central government

All items abridged in translation.

Bintang Papua, 1 September 2010

Referendum demand sent to central government

After a few weeks of ‘rest’, hundreds of members of the National
Commission of West Papua (KNPB) took part in a demonstration in front of the DPRP (Papua provincial assembly) office calling for a referendum to be held to resolve the political status of West Papua. They also rejected any dialogue between Jakarta and Papua.

The demonstrators, carrying flags and banners, were transported to the meeting place in seven trucks. On the way from Abepura, they were escorted by the police. Everything was very orderly although there was serious traffic congestion. One of the banners said: Long Live the People of Independent West Papua! Referendum the Best Solution.

Several of the orators called on members of the DPRP to come out and
meet them. After waiting for several hours, the chairman of the DPRP,
Drs John Ibo and Ruben Magai and several other members came out to meet the demonstrators.

A spokesman for the KNPB, Mako Tabuni said that a referendum will settle the matter once and for all. He said that they would not leave the place until the DPRP had given an assurance that their demand would immediately be sent by fax to the Indonesian parliament, the DPR, and to the Indonesian president.

In reply, John Ibo promised that the fax would be sent. He then invited Mako Tabuni and his colleagues to go up to the second floor of the building to see for themselves that the fax would be sent to the central government.

The large crowd then dispersed peacefully.


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