Indon Army preparing to attack OPM in Paniai.

November 28, 2011


West Papua Media has received unconfirmed multiple reports from credible sources that 150 Brimob troops and 4 truckloads of Indonesian police from Polda Papua have surrounded the village of Markus Eduda in Paniai district, and are threatening to take action imminently prior to December 1st, the day on which massive civil resistance to Indonesian rule will be seen across Papua.

West Papua Media has not been able to independently confirm the veracity of these reports as local journalists have been barred from the area.

According to sources, Indonesian forces claim Markus Eduda contains persons in the Free Papua Movement whom they regard as secessionist.  In accordance with the declaration made by Governor of  Lemhanas (the Defence Institute in Jakarta), because West Papuan people are secessionist, Indonesia has an obligation to destroy, annihilate and eradicate them, refusing to honour basic human rights of peaceful free expression.

This is an escalating situation that international journalists should monitor.

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