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Police urged to publicise the photo of Mako Tabuni’s bag

JUBI,  26 June 2012

The Papuan people are still very concerned about the shooting of Mako Tabuni on 14 June. Alius Asso, chairman of the Nayak Asrama  in Abepura, has called on the police to publicise the photo they took of Mako Tabuni at the time of the killing, which shows the bag that he was carrying at the time.

‘We want the security forces to show us the photo of the bag he was carrying. This is very crucial because the police have alleged that Tabuni had a pistol and bullets in his bag.’

The photo was taken as Tabuni was standing eating a snack at Perumnas III Waena, Asso said: ‘This is very strange  How would he have got hold of a  pistol and bullets? It is up to the police to prove this,’ he said.

He also denied that Mako Tabuniwas was in any way responsible for the shooting of a German at Base G and for the series of shootings that occurred at the time. ‘What proof do the police have of this? They should have arrested Tabuni and questioned him instead of shooting him dead.’

Asso went on to say that Mako Tabuni was not a terrorist. On the contrary he was involved in the struggle of the Papuan people.

It should be recalled that the police told journalists that they had been forced to shoot Tabuni because he was trying to resist as they arrested him. They also alleged that they found sixteen .38 calibre bullets in his bag.


Translated by TAPOL

People who have been shooting near Freeport are well trained: Police

JUBI, 7 December 2011

According to the police in Timika, the people involved in the shootings that have occurred during the past month or so in the vicinity of Freeport are certainly well-trained.

‘Our investigations in the places where these shootings have occurred reveal that they have been using firearms. The result of the shootings aimed at vehicles in which the victims were driving suggests that they are well trained in the use of firearms,’ said the head of the Criminal Research Unit, AKP Toni Sarjaka, speaking to journalists in Timika.

Pressed to explain whether these people were well trained, he said: ‘Well yes, indeed. In some cases a single shot hit the driver of the car, and killed him instantly.’

During the month of October, there have been four victims of shooting in the Freeport area and in some cases, the victim was killed by a single shot.’

He went on to say that the police were still investigating the killings and were currently speaking to witnesses.

In addition to those who have been killed, a number of people have been injured.  But as yet, the police have not been able to identify the persons who carried out the shootings.