Statement by LP3BH regarding Young Papuans Congress

The following is the text of a statement issued by the Executive-Director of the legal aid organisation, LP3BH, prior to the holding of the Second Congress of the KNPP, the National Committee of Young Papuans, which was due to be held in January-February 2013:As a Human Rights activist in the Land of Papua, I consider that the action taken by the chief of police, via the director of intelligence, AKBP Carel Cobis, who issued statement B/07//1/2013 on 29 January 2013 with regard to the procedure for obtaining permission for an activity by a group of people is clear proof that the Republic of Indonesia is acting to block  the democratic freedoms of the Papuan people.The letter was in response to a letter from the KNPP on 5 January submitting information about their intention to hold a Congress  of Young Papuans in Manokwari which was planned to begin on Thursday, 31 January, 2013.

In my opinion, Articles 24 and 25 of Law 39/1999 regarding Basic Human Rights  guarantee the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of association, and the freedom to state one’s opinions in public.

In view of this, the convening of the Second Congress of the KNPP in Manokwari  is a peaceful event which is aimed at discussing the working programme and activities of the organisation, in order to strengthen unity between young Papuans in their struggle for the basic rights of the Papuan people.

The action taken by the police is clearly intended to prohibit and postpone, even to restrict the right of assembly and the freedom of expression of the views of Papuan people as citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.

As a member of the Steering Committee of the afore-mentioned Congress, I regard the decision by the police to refuse to acknowledge the letter (STTP) because the said organisation is not registered with the Kesbangpol  in West Papua  as a procedural matter which can be dealt with by means of negotiations.

Concerns regarding the security  arrangements are always being given by the police even though the KNPP and the Steering Committee have taken all the necessary measures to guarantee and safeguard the security of the Congress

Yan Christian Warinussy


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