1 thought on “manokwari_aksi_massa_n82010_2

  1. This images should be named as “The day when Obama came”. I really like to make video with this topic.

    Your Images are very powerfull! So many people went to the street and that they used morning star emblems everywhere. A strong expression and semantic.
    This is a kind phenomena of the (re-)awekening of the indigene Nationalism conciousness, it remind us little bit on the big movement in year 2000.
    When i interviewed people there for 5 months ago, i have impression, that the arrival of Obama could be celabrated as a kind of ‘messiach’ arrival for many papuans.

    However this will take the world atention, and many people outside would know further what was happened in West Papua.

    also i invite you to
    see my short video (it was taken on may 2010 in manokwari, with backgrounds of 10 years special authonomie , obama arrival, and Israel-Jews symbols in West Papua )

    Title: The Black Messiach


    greeting for ade pogau and all papuan friends and justice fighters!

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