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Papuan students in Jakarta call for end to murders of Papuan people

JUBI, 22 April 2011The anti-militarism coalition of  Papuan Students, KoMPAM, has urged the Indonesian government to immediately end the use of repressive measures which continue to be used by the security forces in the Land of Papua.

The statement was issued in relation to the bloody incident that occurred a few days ago in Moanemani, district of Dogiyai.

The student coalition said that they were very angry about the actions of the police which had led to yet more people’s blood being spilt . The government mut accept responsibility for the incident in which two people, Dominikus Auwe and Aloysius Waine were killed while three others, Vince Yobee, Albertus Pigai and Matius Iyai were wounded.

The statement was issued by hundreds of Papuans studying in Java and Bali who took part in  demonstration outside the presidential palace and the national police headquarters in Jakarta.

The demonstrators also called for the immediate resignation of the police chief in Papua and the police chiefs in Nabire and Dogiyai. They also said that there should be an end to the militaristic methods  being used all the time in the Land of Papua, and said that they would draw the attention of the international community to the many human rights violations that occur in Papua.

KoMPAM consists of the Alliance of Papuan Students, APM, the National Front of Papuan Students FNMP, and the Alliance of Papuan Students  from the Central Highlands.