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Forkorus and friends receive heroes' welcome

Forkorus and friends receive heroes’ welcome

(Bintang Papua)The chairman of DAP, the Papuan Traditional Assembly, Forkorus Yaboisembut, and five others who recently attended the public hearing at the US Congress arrived back on Papuan soil yesterday at Sentani Airport to a heroes’ welcome as if returning from the battle-field. On their
arrival, Forkorus and his group were welcomed  by the Boy Eluay, the son
of Theys Eluay.

Troops from the Petapa  security forces maintained a tight guard along
the way taken by Forkorus and the others. As they entered the airport
arrivals area, they were invited to step on a large china plate and
nokens [string bags] were draped round their necks [a ceremonial welcome
for special people] while the woman in the group had her head half
covered with a jilbab. The Petapa guard was closely maintained from the
arrivals area to the cars waiting outside. A group of musicians was also
there to welcome Forkorus and his colleagues. They then drove for 45
minutes to a specially constructed pendopo .

After prayers were said, Forkorus said that they had visited the US at
the invitation of the US Congress to attend a public hearing at the
Congress. He said that this was evidence that the US regards the Papuan
with respect and wants to build a new friendly relationship in order to
help the  Papuan people.

Responding to negative remarks  made by the US ambassador  who said that
Papua is  part of  NKRI, he said that this was just a political
statement whereas all the arrangements for the group’s departure to the
US had been handled by the US embassy in Jakarta.

Herman Awom who also particiated in the visit to the US said that during
their  presence at the congressional hearing,  two other Papuans were
deliberately  included by Indonesia,  Franzalbert Yoku and Nikko Messet,
whose words describing Papuans as stupid and lazy were described as
regrettable by Eni Faleomavaega. a member of the US Congress.

Eni Faleomavaega said it was regrettable that Nikko Messet had said of
his own people that they were lazy and stupid.

It was also reported that Forkorus and his colleagues will repeat their
testimonies on the following day at the graveside of Theys Eluay.

US paying serious attention to Papua: Awom

US paying serious attention to Papua

(Bintang Papua)  According to the moderator of the Papuan  Presidium Council, Herman
Awom, the hearing held at the US Congress was of great significance for
the Papuan people. 'This was the first time in 48 years that Papua was
discussed on an international forum. In our dialogue  we urged the US to
press Indonesia to open dialogue on the question of the failure of
special autonomy, OTSUS and the Papuan people's rejection of  OTSUS.

A number of Papuan leaders said that they would continue to demand
dialogue as the solution to the Papuan problem, and the holding of a

Awom said that OTSUS had failed to prevent the marginalisation of the
Papuan  people. It had led to large-scale migration which was
intensifying the marginalisation of the Papuan people. 'Dialogue with
Indonesia should be mediated by a neutral third party, with the two
sides recognised as equals, as was the case between Indonesia and Aceh.
'For us, there is no other way forward than freedom.'

Forkorus Yoboisembut said that genocide in happening in Papua.' While no
large-scale killings are occurring, genocide is occurring gradually.
Indonesia should allow foreign observers and  foreign journalists to
visit Papua to prove to them that genocide is not occurring,' he said.

As regard s the US position that supports the NKRI and regards OTSUS as
the best solution, he said he understands that this is in order for the
US to preserve good relations with Indonesia. 'But we called on the US
not to sacrifice the Papuan people for a second time. The hearing at the
US Congress was an important development, bearing in mind that we were
not yet a state that could enter into dialogue.