Socrates Yoman rejects govt’s move to set UP4B

JUBI, 7 March 2011

The Papuan leader, Socratez Sofyan Yoman, the leader of the Alliance of Baptist churches in Papua, is reported to have expressed his lack of
confidence in a new unit that is to be created by the government to
resolve a range of problems in Papua.

The UP4B – Unit Percepatan Pembangunan Papua dan Papua Barat (Unit to Accelerate Development in Papua and West Papua), is to be set up by the government to handle a number of political problems as well as the human rights situation in Papua.

‘We reject the UP4B because it will not solve the problems in Papua,’ he said. ‘The central government should hold a dialogue with the Papuan people, mediated by a neutral international party.’

He said that the UP4B was no different from other mechanisms that have been created by Indonesia to deal with the situation in Papua, all of which have failed. This new body is not the way to solve to the
situation in Papua and can only make things worse, he said

The problems in Papua can only be resolved by seeking to understand the roots of the problem.

‘There should be no more moves by the Indonesian State to deceive the Papuan people. The government should immediately take concrete action to deal with the roots of the conflict,’ he said.

He said that he was aware that the Indonesian government was at present working with several agencies to make preparations for the creation of the UP4B which is expected to be set up in the month of March.

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