Three political prisoners are ill

JUBI, 26 January 2012Three political  prisoners from Papua , who were arrested for their alleged involvement in the case of the assault on the ammunitions dump of Kodim 1702, Wamena on 4 April 2003, are now ill. Their names are: Enos Lokobai, Jefrai Murib and Numbunggan Telenggen.

Wirya, the co-ordinator of the NGO Foker in Biak Numbir, said  that Enos Lokobal and his colleagues have been suffering from lumbago  and have been taken to hospital for treatment but they are still in pain.

According to Wirya, Jafrai Murib went to hospital to be treated for malaria. [Several types of malaria are mentioned here.] As a result of his condition, he has become very pale. Apok Lakobal has been ill since November last year. His right side is paralysed and he is unable  to move; the doctor at the hospital said that he has had a stroke.

After the ammunitions dump was attacked, Enos Lakobal was sentenced to fifteen years, while Jafrai Murib and Numbangga  were given life sentences.

[This has been abridged in translation owing to our inability to identify some of the illnesses mentioned in the article. TAPOL]

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