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HMI: Flash Flood in the Land of Papua: President Must Declare As a National Disaster

Abridged in Translation

Press Release
Executive Board of the Association of Islamic Students (HMI PB)

Flash Flood in the Land of Papua: President Must Declare As a National Disaster

The Flash flood that swept Wasior City, Teluk Wondama, West Papua, on Monday (4 / 10) has killed more than 90 people. Meanwhile, according to a report from the Metro TV (7 / 9), there were 837 injured and 66 people remain missing. We believe that the number of victims will certainly continue to grow.

Observing the scale of the disaster and the number of victims, this disaster is not a normal disaster. Flooding in Wasior is not just a local disaster, but a national disaster. Anyone who feels a part of the Indonesian nation must be concerned with the suffering that is suffered by our sisters and brothers in Papua.  “Much less us as the Indonesian nation, the American people  located far away also expressed their concern through their Foreign Ministry (sic) statement by Hillary Clinton,” said General Chairman of PB HMI, M Chozin Amir.

“Unfortunately, the government now seems less serious and less responsive to respond to the disaster.” The government is too busy with its elite politics as well as for projects from the foreign debt fund, so that when their people affected far-away there, they were just ignored . Moreover, President SBY is too preoccupied with his image, so he forget the things that are substantial, such as helping allay the disaster that befell his people, “said Chozin further.

Even so well with the media, while they so aggressively report politics of the situation in the capital, they forget (or purposely forget) to report the disaster that occurred in the eastern tip of Indonesia. Yet when these disasters strike outside Papua, the media usually also heavily preach.

Because of the lack of response and weakness from government, especially the (national) news media, the Executive Board of the Association of Islamic Students (HMI PB) hereby declare:

1. Request for the President on behalf of the government to announce that Wasior flooding disaster as a national disaster, so that all elements of this nation is concerned specifically and able to give a helping hand.
2. Asking the media to proclaim extensively the scope of the disaster crisis, so that people will open their conscience to help our brothers and sisters at there place.
3. Call on all elements of society to set aside part of condolences to give sustenance to help the flood victims. Papuan Society is part of the Indonesian nation, then it becomes our collective responsibility to help alleviate their burden.

Herewith we submit that the PB and also officially HMI will send aid to flood victims.
Distribution of aid will be delivered by representatives of HMI in Papua, namely HMI Cenderawasi Coordinating Board in collaboration with HMI Branch of Jayapura, Manokwari, and  Sorong.

Currently PB HMI also continues to actively raise funds for distribution to victims. If you are interested in sending aid, you can send donations to be channelled through us in our account at:

Bank Mandiri
Account Number: 124 000 569 9807
On behalf  of  Y PB HMI

So we convey this news with concern and hope that eventually we are all moved to help our brothers and sisters who are victims of flooding in Papua.

Billahittaufiq walhidayah
Jakarta, October 8, 2010


M Chozin Amirullah

CP: 081213881128

Jl. Saharjo Gg. Swadaya I RT 12 RW 09 No 10 kelurahan Manggarai , Tebet Jakarta Selatan 12850